Our links page contains addresses to high quality sites that produce their own content and who regularly post our news to their pages as well.  You'll also find links to all our writers personal blogs (if available) as well as links to resources that we think you should know about.

Futurelooks Media Network

  • MegaTechNews — Stuff for People Who Like Gadgets and our #1 favourite gadget blog in the Universe!
  • Laptop Lifestyle — For All things Laptop. News and review links from the laptop world.

Futurelooks Staff

  • Michael Kwan — Michael is a regular contributor and specialist in things like notebooks, phones, gadgets and video games. You’ll find lots of articles and reviews from him here.
  • Stephen Fung — Futurelooks Editor in Chief and Big Kahuna.
  • Eric Garay — Eric is our other PC Hardware Editor with a thing for all things INTEL. He’s also well versed in the dark art of overclocking and specializes in the destruction of hardware that doesn’t make the grade.

Futurelooks Affiliates

  • Blues News — One of the oldest and most trusted sources of gaming and hardware news.
  • BCC Hardware — Originally called Bens Custom Cases. Mods and hardware reviews.
  • Tech Kings — Rule Your Technology…but we think “Your Technology Rules” sounds better. But it’s not our site 😛
  • OC Mod Shop — Reviews and Articles on Computer Hardware and Gaming
  • MadShrimps — Angry shrimps that review computer hardware
  • TechWareLab — Reviews and articles on computers.
  • TweakPC — Site for those hardware geeks that speak German. I’m sure they are rockin’ Amadeus over there.
  • RB Mods — Your Hardware Review Site…or they’ll beat you Red and Black…
  • Metku — Reviews and mods on computer and console hardware
  • Overclockers Australia — Computer Hardware News for the Geeky Aussie.
  • The Tech Report — They report on tech!
  • Tech Spot — The spot where you’ll find tech…and other techie things…
  • OCIA — The Overclockers Intelligence Agency…
  • Hardware Logic — It would seem logical that they are about hardware…
  • Benchmark Reviews — Sometimes known as BmR. Known for Hardware Tests and Overclocking Guides.
  • Hi Tech Legion — A source for up to date computer hardware and software reviews as well as technology news
  • Funky Kit — The Funkiest Kit around. Tech News and Reviews

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