Silverstone RV05 Mid-Tower Enclosure Review

Silverstone was the first manufacturer to implement a 90 degree mounted system in their Raven series enclosures. In other words, the IO or back of the motherboard actually faces the top. Since hot air rises, it... Continued

Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB 2666MHz DDR4 Preview

Recently, we received a care package from our friends at Corsair. We heard rumors that some new gaming gear and memory were very close to launch, so you can imagine my excitement. It actually turned out to be a... Continued

You Cannot Stop Windows 10 Updates

We are less than two weeks away from getting our digital fingers (our digital digits?) on the brand spanking new operating system from Microsoft (or at least some of us are). The free upgrade will be pushed thr... Continued

AOC U2870VQE Shows Not-So-Pricey Side of 4K

So you want a 4K display, but only have a 1080p budget? With the latest announcement from AOC, you might just be in luck. Their latest display--the memorably named U2870VQE--measures 28" in size, sports a UHD r... Continued