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Antec Sonata III Mid-Tower ATX Case Review

Antec is well known for high quality cases that both perform and look great. This is evident in cases like their flagship Antec P182 that we've recently reviewed. They also has a line of cases called "Sonat... Continued

Razer Mako THX 2.1 Speaker System Review

Razer is a company that prides itself in designing products for gamers, by gamers. We've already seen what Razer is capable of when it comes to crazy computer mice and "gaming surfaces", but what about somethin... Continued
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Five of the Worst Video Games of All Time

We’ve all played them, the games that just shouldn’t be called games; such abominations should be hidden away, and never seen again. Only a scant few have played them and even less have finished them. To th... Continued