Last week we put out the first edition of our weekend recap to let you guys know what's going on in Futurelooks Land. Once you actually write it all down, there was quite a bit going on! Here's this week's look at what happened in the Futurelooks Sphere that you might have missed. Let's start with a new sponsor and a new site...

Sponsor Shout Out - Kingston Technology

Kingston Technology, one of the world's largest independent flash product makers has signed on this month as one of our new sponsors. As you may be aware, they manufacture some of the best USB flash drives, SSDs and memory kits on the market. Futurelooks was lucky enough to have the chance to head to their Taiwan HQ last year and learned a lot about this unique company. We'll be working with them to come up with some great contests and promotions that should end up in you getting some free stuff so let's thank them and stay tuned!

It's MEGA! It's Techie! It's MEGATechNews!

Our little sibling site, MEGATechNews has been online since 2007. But we've never given it a reason to exist. Well now we have!

MEGATechNews is going to be bringing you the latest news from gadgets to electronics in bite sized, easy to digest pieces. You'll also find news on the coolest computer stuff that we'll be working on bringing to Futurelooks for a thorough review and thrashing. It's kind of like a little preview of what we'll be working on here.

We've already gotten them hooked up with a Twitter, Facebook and YouTube account so make sure you get social with them and enjoy what they've got to offer every day.

Well enough about everyone else, let's recap what happened on Futurelooks last week...

Review - GIGABYTE GA-P67A-UD7 LGA1155 “Sandy Bridge” Motherboard Review

INTEL has been having their share of drama over their latest and greatest P67 chipsets. While it's a pity that the SATA 2 ports go bad after an indeterminate amount of time, that doesn't affect the excellent overall performance of this new chipset. So we've gone ahead and posted our review of GIGABYTE's top end GA-P67A-UD7 LGA1155 motherboard. PC Hardware Editor, Eric Garay, puts it through its paces so check out the review.

Article - How to Keep Fighting the Good Fight Against Usage-Based Billing for Canadian Internet Access

Canada really dodged a bullet this week against one of the worst proposals by a government agency of all time. Usage-Based Billing (UBB) on Canadian Internet users almost became a horrible reality. But thanks to the power of social media and the Canadian people, the government was forced to act against the CRTC's proposal and they've gone to "committee" on it. Translated, that means that the current proposal got canned, but a new more sinister one could show up again. Michael Kwan tells us how to keep the pressure on in this article.

Review - Patriot Memory Division 2 Viper Extreme 4GB 1866MHz DDR3 Memory Kit Reviewed

Although this kit is made for the slightly hobbled INTEL Sandy Bridge platform, it can still throw down on any system that requires some of the fastest dual channel DDR3 memory. Eric Garay checks out the kit on the Sandy Bridge platform and finds some minor but meaningful performance increases. Check out the review here.

What's Playing on the Futurelooks YouTube Channel

We didn't post a lot of videos this week. Mainly because all the videos in the queue were about boards based on the Sandy Bridge Platform. But after hearing the responses from all the motherboard makers, we're confident in our benchmarking. So here's the first teaser of one of the boards coming up for testing.

The ASUS P8P67 EVO LGA1155 board will join a couple of other mainstream boards from MSI and GIGABYTE in a three way battle royale. Watch for unboxing videos for those boards and others in this week on our YouTube Channel.

We've Got Our Social Media On!

Our Twitter Account is a great place to pass us cool links and to keep up with what we've been working. We've also been known to live tweet events, show you some cool stuff from trade shows, and gather your feedback on some things we need your feedback on. For example, last week we asked you what you would want to win from Kingston Technology, one of our new sponsors. Thanks to your feedback, we'll be asking for SSDs, large USB flash drives and memory kits so make sure you're following us on Twitter (@futurelooks) to get in on the free stuff.

Facebook has also been doing well for us and we expect to be running some contests there in the future as well. Give Us a Like when you've got a moment.

So that's what you missed this week. Stay tuned for next week's edition or just keep checking back with us every day.

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