You want a water cooled case. You think they look pretty cool. Problem is you have neither the ability nor time to put together your own water cooled loop. Well DEEPCOOL has you covered, as the new GENOME case they just announced at CES 2016 comes with a water cooling loop built right in.


The DEEPCOOL GENOME PC case features 360mm top-mounted radiator, 3 PWM fans, and a front mounted reservoir. Coolant comes in three colours; red, green, and blue, all of which are on full display for all to see.

On the interior, the GENOME is broken into separate chambers for better component installation. You can also mount your video card vertically if you want to show it off. Check out the product video:

Details are rather light from the press release, but it looks like the loop is closed and can’t be added to. The reservoir up front also doesn’t really appear to be a true reservoir, but rather a display point to show off the coolant. That means that even if it wasn’t a closed loop, the system might not have enough fluid capacity to support additional water blocks.

The DEEPCOOL GENOME will be available this month, though no further details were provided. It does come in at a decent price point of $249.99 USD, considering building your own loop can easily exceed that dollar amount. Check out the press release and gallery below.

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It’s Not A PC Case, But An Extreme Liquid Cooling Solution

Let’s make PC liquid cooling system simple

PC enthusiasts have been suffering a hard case for years that it’s quite difficult for most of the PC consumers to build up an extreme liquid cooling system by themselves. To improve PC user experience is why DEEPCOOL comes up with the product.

DEEPCOOL Genome is an integrated PC liquid cooling solution, consists of an ATX PC case and an extreme liquid cooling system.


Pre-installed liquid cooling system, including a 360mm radiator, 3 PWM fans and a reservoir offers PC gamers not only cyclic great cooling performance but also an aesthetic design.

Aesthetic liquid cooling system blends in the ATX case provides PC builders an integrative PC building experience.


Amazing side window reveals the interior and ensures visible effect. Meanwhile wider space and logical holes design offer a better cable management.


  • Innovative structure with separated functional areas provides extended support:
  • Extra slots for vertical GPU installation (PCI-E extension cable is not included)
  • Extended window reserved, supports longest 330mm Graphic Card ×2SLI

Available: January, 2016

MSRP: $249.99 USD

Show Time: January 6, 2016

Show Location: Caesars Palace, Las Vegas

For more information, please visit


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