ZALMAN’s ZM-F4 cooling fan is a very unique product. For starters, it’s called a 135mm fan, but it’s actually able to mount into most 120mm spaces. That means that you can upsize pretty much any 120mm fan giving you the air flow of something a little larger. Check out the video review below for all you need to know…

Final Thoughts

The ZALMAN ZM-F4 is a quality product that allows you to upgrade almost any 120mm fan into a 135mm one. The benefits are increased air flow and potentially, lower noise and temperatures as well. This works equally well in many cases but can also help out CPU coolers currently fitted with 120mm fans.

The quality of the ZM-F4 is fairly solid using an advanced sleeved bearing that claims a 50,000 hr lifespan and seems to spin easily and quietly in our testing. Further noise reduction can be had by utilizing the included RC56 resistor and does make a noticeable difference. While the silicon grommets are normally a benefit to noise reduction, my experience with them hasn’t been as positive as I’ve had them snap on me before. I generally like to use normal case screws, but unfortunately, none were included with the ZM-F4. Nor were there any real instruction leaflet as they were just printed on the box. Had I not known this, I would have ripped the packaging up completely to get at the contents.

At $14.99 US MSRP, the ZALMAN ZM-F4 is very reasonably priced and could potentially be both a cooling and noise reduction upgrade for any case or CPU cooler sporting the more common 120mm fan size.


  • Converts most 120mm fans to 135mm
  • Quiet operation and long life
  • Reasonably priced at $14.99 US


  • No conventional case screws included
  • Would like to see printed instructions

Overall Rating: 8.5 / 10.0

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