Futurelooks gets a new NZXT Sentry LXE touch screen fan controller for an unboxing and overview. This is the follow up to their previous Sentry controller unit, but unlike the original, it does not require installation inside the case. A real unique feature of this product is the fact that it uses a touch screen interface, but it is a resistive type meaning it’s not as good as the one on your smartphone. However, for its purpose, it gets the job done.

The Sentry LXE uses a PCI bracket that is plugged into a MOLEX connector inside the case, then supplies power to the external Sentry LXE unit, which is well built and stands sturdily on its own. This frees up the 5.25 inch bays for other things. Retail should hit around $59.99 US and should be fairly popular with people interested in monitoring things like CPU and GPU temps, including fan speeds. Or wherever else you want to stick a temperature probe.

Video NOTE: One typo on our box was that the fan channels support up to 8 Watts, which is why we said 8 Watts. It’s actually 10 Watts in production units.

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