Last weekend (June 25, 2011), Futurelooks had a special opportunity to attend a LAN Tournament hosted by Memory Express: a chain of consumer electronics stores that mainly services Western Canada. The selected game was Duke Nukem Forever so they called it the ME Forever LAN Tournament. We’v got interviews with the staff and sponsors in our coverage video above and some great shots of attendees having a fantastic time.

The largest sponsors supporting this event was GIGABYTE’s Canadian division headed by Alan Chen. Chen originally pitched the idea to have a LAN gaming event and it turned into a Cross-Canada tour featuring the company’s G1-Killer Series motherboards. GIGABYTE believes that gamers and overclockers should not be clumped into one segment. Each user group has different needs and as we found out in our G1-Killer Assasin review, those needs are well met by this series of boards while their OC series boards address the hardcore overclockers that are more interested in high 3DMark Scores and SuperPi times.

Chen also hinted at the imminent release of new G1-Killer Series II boards which are the result of the feedback that GIGABYTE has been receiving from gamers. We’ve already seen one of the new boards in our GIGABYTE COMPUTEX 2011 coverage so I’m sure there are more right behind it.

Other sponsors of the event included ANTEC, nVidia, INTEL, and CORSAIR, who also had reps on hand to interact with the public and learn as much as they could about the people who use their products.

We hope that Memory Express will continue with their efforts to grow their community both online and in the store. They have already had early success with their online community building strategies, headed by their Social Media Queen, Memory Express Meghan, and hope to continue this into the future.

For more information on Memory Express, please check them out at their website or hit them up on their Twitter, Facebook or YouTube Channel. See you at the next event!

The Video was shot on location at the Memory Express location in Richmond, BC and is hosted by Stephen Fung and shot/edited by Corbin Tomkinson.

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