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Proporta Crystal Case With Soft Feel Base for the iPhone 3G

So Proporta didn't do such a great job with their Dual Silicone Case. That's OK because they sent us two cases.


Proporta's Crystal Case features a back piece that is covered in a soft feel plastic that gives it some added grip and didn't seem to develop the ugly swirl marks that the previous Mophie Hard Case Plus did when subjected to the rigors of daily use. This case once again requires just a simple snap together fit that was easy to manage.

Removal of the case was quite a bit easier than the previous Mophie case due to the somewhat slacker fit and finish and it helped that a cut out was made in the bottom corner near the dock connector so that you could get a quarter in there.


The control and port cutouts for this case were done fairly well, exposing just enough of the phone to use them properly. The only weirdness I found, which was something I also found odd about the iLuv Silicone case, was the position of the speaker cut outout. The speaker is in the middle folks. Not way the hell to the side.

You can find this case over at the Proporta store for a reasonable $18.95 US.

iLuv Clear Hard Case (iCC74) for the iPhone 3G

The last clear hard case in our round up is from iLuv. We know their silicone case provides a fairly precise fit but what about their hard cases?


The iLuv Clear Hard Case doesn't disappoint in precision fit. In fact, somehow they've managed to marry precision withe easy on and easy off unlike the Mophie which is a bitch to get off and the Proporta which goes on and off easily, but feels slightly sloppy. The cut outs are all precisely cut and even the speaker lines up properly (unlike on the Proporta case).

However, like the Mophie Hard Case, the iLuv did start get swirl marks as soon as I put it into day to day use. You can't see it in the picture above, but I assure you, the back is covered in tiny swirl marks that thankfully are on the case and not on the iPhone itself.


The case also comes with its own screen protector that you can apply separately much like the Scosche KickBACK. However, the one for the iLuv takes it a notch up by being a glare free version just like the one that came with the iLuv Silicone case. The only apparent downside to this case is the lack of grip. Though not as slippery as a bare iPhone 3G, it defnitely doesn't have anything to help, except for being on the phone when it hits the floor and hopefully taking the impact.

You can find the iLuv iCC74 Hard Case for around $24.99 US.

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