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Thermaltake Urban T81 Comes with Double the Cooling and Double the Doors


One of the premier companies in the PC DIY market, Thermaltake, continues to advance their newest lines of products. The Urban series of PC cases is Thermaltake’s answer for those who are looking for something sleek and elegant for their PC. This year we are getting a new design in the Thermaltake Urban T81 with inspiration from some unlikely sources. …

Thermaltake Adds a Little Gold to their Line of Power Supplies


If I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times: Edward’s Lemon Meringue Pie is amazing and your PSU is the core of your computer. You can never go wrong with buying a high quality, high performance power supply unit like the new Thermaltake Toughpower Gold Series.

The latest PSU from our friends at Thermaltake is the …

CES 2014 – Tt eSPORTS Brings Everything Gaming to Las Vegas


CES 2014 is shaping up to have more new products in total than any year previously. This is all thanks to companies like Thermaltake, who are refreshing and adding to every one of their existing line of products. At CES 2014, the Tt eSPORTS brand from Thermaltake brings a little something for everyone.

First up is the World Premier of …

Tt eSPORTS Unleashes an Ultimately Affordable Mechanical Keyboard Called the Poseidon


The new buzz word for this season seems to be “affordable” as many companies are releasing more cost efficient products. Thermaltake’s Tt eSPORTS division has decided to bring the savings to the gaming community with their newest peripheral product entry. Say hello to my little friend, the Poseidon Mechanical Keyboard.

The all ABS body constructed, illuminated keyboard focuses on affordability …

Thermaltake Announces New Water 3.0 All-in-One Liquid Cooler Series


The new marketing trend in PC components is improving and expanding on the rather limited options for All-in-One liquid cooling solutions. Thermaltake has been one of the leading brands in this market for years and just announced the latest iteration of their lineup called the Water 3.0 LCS (Liquid Cooling Solution) series.

This next generation of the Thermaltake Water lineup …

Thermaltake Water 2.0 Extreme 240mm Liquid Cooling System Review

Intel LANFest Infernalan 1

Today ‘s most elite PC systems feature elaborate custom cooling systems to manage CPU, GPU and occasionally even chipset temperatures. While the process has come a long way in the last 10 years, it still takes a bit of home work to choose the right parts and patience in assembling them a system properly. Fortunately, all in one liquid cooling …