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The LG Optimus Pad G-Slate 3D Tablet (V905R) Reviewed (Video)


Android tablets are slowly increasing in popularity, but they still lag significantly behind the Apple iPad. Many of these Android tablets are seemingly similar, so the manufacturers are doing what they can to stand out from the crowd. In the case of the LG Optimus Pad, they went with a slightly different screen size and they included a dual camera …

Video – Futurelooks Unboxes the LG Optimus Pad G-Slate 3D Tablet (V905R)


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It’s becoming harder and harder for companies to really differentiate themselves in this relatively young tablet market. After all, they’re all just mostly touchscreens and that’s about it. LG, however, is daring to be different with its tablet.

It’s called the LG Optimus Pad and it comes with a dual cameras in …

CES 2011 – Smarter Homes with Samsung and LG

When you think about the Consumer Electronics Show, it’s easy to get caught up in talk about the newest computer components or the hottest new televisions. That only makes sense, but this year could represent something of a tipping point of technology in areas you wouldn’t normally associate with a trade show like CES. Like the laundry room.

I already …

CES 2011 – Futurelooks Press Day Round Up

Even before the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show officially opens its doors, we are offered a sneak preview into what to expect via what is known as “Press Day.” It’s a whole day of press conferences, meaning I had a lot of lining up and fighting for seats to do. Even so, the wait is definitely worth it, because some …

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 Smartphone OS Reviewed

It really wasn’t all that long ago that smartphones were virtually the exclusive realm of corporate types, but that has very much changed in recent years. Whereas Windows Mobile once held a strong foothold in the market, Microsoft has since lost out to the likes of BlackBerry, iOS, and Android. Fighting back, the software giant has unleashed Windows Phone 7

CES 2010 – New and Emerging TV Tech from Samsung, LG, and Sony

In recent years at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, it seemed like the different manufacturers were constantly fighting with one another to produce the largest single panel television. This year was different. Instead of simply going for size, they really started to focus on new features that would actually enhance the user experience.

The Push Toward 3D TV