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GIGABYTE’s New Motherboard Is a Server Waiting to Happen


We're always curious to see what motherboard companies like GIGABYTE cook up, and this announcement is no different. GIGABYTE is releasing a motherboard with a built in 10 gigabit network connection. That's right; with just the addition of a CPU, RAM, and some storage you can easily build your own high bandwidth server.

The GA-6PXSVT is GIGABYTE's first single 2011 …

Futurelooks Does GottaCon 2014 in Victoria, BC Canada (Video)


Futurelooks made their way to GottaCon 2014 this past weekend to bring gamers the joy of PC DIY. Accompanied by audio from Creative Labs, motherboards from GIGABYTE, GPUs from NVIDIA, and cases from In Win Technology, we gave over 3000 gamers of all kinds, a chance to experience the best in PC gaming technology. Also there support of the PC …

CES 2014 – GIGABYTE Throws Overclocking Party


What is more fun than an overclocking event? An overclocking event in Las Vegas during CES 2014, complete with world-renowned Overclockers like Hicookie and Dinos22. The centerpiece of this event is the GIGABYTE Z87X-OC designed from the ground up for overclocking. We had a chance to review this board recently and it’s quite a beast.

If you are in …

GIGABYTE G1-Killer Sniper 5 Z87 Gaming Motherboard Reviewed

GIGABYTE G1 Killer Series Sniper 5 Motherboard Review 8

What makes a motherboard a gaming platform? Simply stated, it has to offer more than fancy colors, packaging, and clever marketing labels. The features and components should be designed to improve or create a better than standard gaming experience. For motherboards, this is a difficult challenge because it requires serious quality control to ensure proper implementation of gaming specific features …

The GIGABYTE G1.Sniper Z87 Makes High-End Gaming Features Affordable


This year at Blizzcon 2013, which happened last weekend in Anaheim, California, GIGABYTE had a lot to show off. After all, they were the official motherboard sponsor of the event. In addition to all the great things I am sure was going on there this year, GIGABYTE also revealed the new G1.Sniper Z87 motherboard which brings “G1.Killer DNA” to a …

The GIGABYTE GA-Z87X-OC Force Motherboard – An Ultimate Overclocking Platform Reviewed

GIGABYTE GA-X87X-OC Force Motherboard 16

There is overclocking and then there is extreme overclocking. Overclocking a computer in the basic sense is simply the act of pushing the processor frequency beyond specifications whether using the motherboard BIOS, motherboard hardware, or some software overclocking program. Extreme overclocking typically means enthusiasts venture outside of any frequency and voltage safe zones to push their processor to the edge …