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Antec ISK600M Goes Big with Small Form Factor


Let's face it. The days of super small, book-sized PC cases is over and it is time to look to the future. If you need something that is small enough to hide behind a monitor, you get a pre-built mini PC. You need something even smaller and more portable you get a tablet. You need something that doesn't take up …

COMPUTEX 2013 - Antec Announces a Wide Range of New PC Enclosures


There have been a number of new PC enclosures shown off this year at Computex 2013, offering both great looks and innovative features. Antec is also looking to breath some new life into their line-up with several new cases being shown off. This includes the super tower Antec Nineteen Hundred, mid-tower P100, mid-tower NSK4100, and ISK600 mini-ITX case.

The most …

Futurelooks Checks Out the 2012 Vancouver Gaming Expo (Video)


This weekend Futurelooks was out at the Vancouver Gaming Expo, which is the close cousin to the Vancouver Retro Gaming Expo which took place back in March. Because of the huge success of the first event, the organizers decided to create another event that celebrated more modern gaming and combined vendors, fun tournaments, educational panels, a bit of cosplay, and …

Futurelooks Checks Out the NCIX Windows 8 Launch Party (Video)

Futurelooks Checks Out the NCIX Windows 8 Launch Party

For the launch of Windows 8, our friends over at NCIX created two events to allow the public to touch and feel Microsoft's latest operating system. The new operating system is radically different than previous versions due to its unique hybridization of both touch screen mobile OS and the conventional mouse and keyboard desktop. That's why it's so very important …

LANcouver 2012 - The ANTEC PC Build Ambush (Video)


LAN events always have some great non-gaming activities for everyone to take part in and LANcouver 2012 offered a few really great ones. One of the things we wanted to do was a PC building demonstration that had two people, with the help of a coach, rebuild their PCs into new cases. A case swap competition if you will. While …

LANcouver 2012 - Computer Hardware for PC Gaming 101 Panel (Video)


The second panel of LANcouver 2012 took place bright and early. When I say bright and early, I mean 10AM on June 30, 2012. After all, this is a LAN party and chances are, people slept at their keyboards.

For the most important panel of the LANcouver University curriculum, Futurelooks enlisted the help of ASUS, NVIDIA, NCIX and ANTEC. In …