2008 Futurelooks Summer Laptop Travel Accessory Round Up

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Summer is here, so that means that many of us will be doing a little traveling. It could be a short jaunt over to the family college in the woods or it may be an epic backpacking adventure through Europe. Whatever the case, it's not exactly practical to lug around your complete home office setup. You are not going to have access to the same kind of desk real estate, so how can you best prepare your computer for the road?

A series of notebook accessories found their way through the offices of Futurelooks, so we thought that we'd share a few of them with you today. As you get ready to hit the road, don't forget to pack a few of these along. You can thank us later.

Lapworks Futura Laptop Desk

It may not provide anything in terms of active cooling (read our passive laptop cooling shootout for a more in-depth discussion), but the Lapworks Futura Laptop Desk is actually quite the versatile product. When in its closed position, you can use it as a stand on a desk or table, elevating the base of your notebook off the surface of the table. This will help to improve airflow and, hopefully, reduce the burning temperature inside of your laptop. There are several height settings as well, each of which can provide a more ergonomic typing angle.

Open the Lapworks Futura and you've got yourself a platform that can span across your thighs, effectively giving you a great place to put your laptop when you don't have a desk. This is certainly more comfortable that having the notebook rest directly on your lap! The vented design ensures that your notebook gets a decent level of airflow as well.

There are two price points for the Lapworks Futura. The regular gray version retails for $29.95. Alternatively, you can look into the new Painted Futura Laptop Desks that come in your choice of at least 12 different designs. These include the American flag, jungle camouflage, and deep space. The one pictured here is Red Marble. The painted versions are $49.95. While the Futura is a decent product, I personally don't think the painted editions are worth the $20 premium.

LapLogic G800 Aerogel Extreme and W800 Wide

Maybe you're not as interested in active laptop cooling as you are in the comfort of your laptop and the protection of your, ahem, little soldiers. The LapDesks offered by LapLogic were primarily design to improve user comfort with passive laptop cooling coming in as a secondary concern. The two newest models are the LapLogic G800 Aerogel Extreme and the W800 Aerogel Extreme Wind.

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