A lot of people don’t like Internet Explorer and Microsoft is well aware of the reputation that its web browser has among these users. That’s why we’re hearing that Microsoft will be replacing IE with the Spartan browser in Windows 10. Now, some more details have leaked about the new browser, including at least a couple of features that’ll make it much more attractive.

First, as its name implies, the Spartan browser will be “cleaner” and more clutter-free than ever before, providing a unified and simplified experience across all platforms. Whether you’re on your smartphone, tablet, convertible or desktop, you’ll get the same UI and the same features. They say that the interface will be minimal, going even simpler than Google Chrome.

Second, to leverage the kind of experience you get on the Surface Pro 3, the Spartan browser will reportedly support annotations too. You can whip out that stylus, scribble all over the browser, make your notes, and share the resulting creation with your colleagues over OneDrive. That’s great for business and collaboration.

Third, and this is the feature that I think most of us will enjoy the most, we’re hearing that you’ll have the ability to group similar tabs together in the Spartan browser. You can have one group for all your news and source material, another group for messaging and social media, and then another group for your online shopping. This way, you don’t get overwhelmed with dozens of tabs at a time. This assumes, of course, that the hardware can keep up with your intense web browsing habits.

And finally, the Spartan browser will reportedly boast Cortana digital assistant support. They don’t make specific mention of voice commands, but I imagine that’ll come at some point.

Microsoft has a special event scheduled for January 21st, so we can likely expect to hear more details about Windows 10 and the new Spartan browser at that time.


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