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Earlier this month we embarked on a mission to give away all the cool swag above. All of which was collected during our trip to Seattle for PAX Prime 2012 (see coverage here). There was so much of it that we had to team up with our friends at MEGATechNews to help give it all away. In fact, we made a video that chronicled each and every piece in this massive load of swag that would be part of this package. It's truly a rare opportunity to pick up some great free stuff from one of the biggest Video Game Expos on planet earth without actually being there.

What You Would Have Won...

In addition to the regular swag, we even poached some enhanced swag from our friends from Kingston Technology, NZXT, GIGABYTE and other great brands. PLUS we even got you some Doritos. Two packages in fact! See for yourself!

And The Winner Is...

The contest rules were pretty simple. Just subscribe to the Futurelooks YouTube Channel and MEGATechNews YouTube Channel and place a comment on each of the contest videos uploaded to each channel. At the end of the contest, we'd draw one name from each video, then we'd "Rock, Paper, Scissors" to decide the final winner. Originally we were going to add "Lizard and Spock" to it, but that just made us confused.

After the best three out of three between Futurelooks' Choice (fignuts14) and MEGATechNews' Choice (BifficusEh), the winning YouTube Subscriber after a best three out of three, won with our "Rock" vs their "Paper". So congratulations to...


You won all the sweet PAX Prime 2012!

Claiming the PAX Prime 2012 Swag...

To claim your prize, send us a message via our contact page within 48 hrs and we'll get this box of fabulous PAX Prime 2012 shipped off to you ASAP. In the event that the winner does not claim the box of awesome free stuff, the runner up will get all the goodies so make sure you contact us "BifficusEh"!

Thanks again for everyone who entered and stay tuned for a brand new contest starting up before the end of the month. Thanks again for entering!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jtheater22 James Thompson

    Haha great contest!

  • http://www.facebook.com/gerald.shimizu Gerald Shimizu

    Good shot BifficusEh!