Qstarz BT-Q1300 Nano GPS Travel Recorder Review

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Ed Lau got his first computer when he was 7-years old (a 386 20MHz with 4MB of RAM!) and has been building and tweaking them ever since. He is also a semi-professional photographer based in Vancouver, BC. While he is a recent convert to console gaming, buying an Xbox 360 back in 2006, he is easily better than Stephen Fung when it comes to shredding and melting faces in Guitar Hero and Rock Band.

  • Cyberemil

    There is certain depth lacked in the review. I have the Q1300 for more than a year now and within hours of use some things became apparent. The one button does it all design is prone to errors and difficult when many of the little lights are barely visible in daytime when out on the sun even if you put them in the shadows.

    Very important was the lack of information about memory and in particular the little rubber cap of the USB connector. It broke up rather quickly and a year later the rubber itself started cracking and getting stuck on the USB connector. The little does-it-all button is also prone to getting stuck inside.

    The provided software however is superb (QTravel & QSports). Since it has Bluetooth it would have been fantastic if they had provided a mobile phone software (i.e. Symbian, Android, etc.) that would allow one to use the Bluetooth mobile phone to control the unit with a proper interface rather than using that horrible little button. For example, to use the cellphone to "mark" points of interests.

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