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New Zotac ZBOX Sphere Isn’t a Box


ZOTAC is one of the leading brands when it comes to mini PCs and this year want to shake things up a bit. In addition to hardware upgrades, the latest model sports an all new design. It is a little larger than previous Zboxes, but the Zbox Sphere OI520 has its own charms.

The Zbox Sphere’s unique and eye-catching design …

GIGABYTE and iBUYPOWER to Deliver OptiBoost Customized Gaming Notebooks


iBUYPOWER has been working hard to bring something new to the table and they believe that have that idea. Combining forces with GIGABYTE, iBUYPOWER introduces OptiBoost customization for high-end gaming notebooks.

Previously you could only customize every other product iBUYPOWER offered, leaving the high-end gaming notebooks with no configuration options. With support from GIGABYTE, they are able to ensure the …

NZXT CAM Takes On Challenge of Free Monitoring Software for Everyone


Over the years, I have used dozens of different software tools to monitor my PC’s health. They have ranged from brand specific usage, completely broken, known issues with information, and so complex I needed hours of manual reading to understand. NZXT has decided to put an end to all that with the completely free NZXT CAM.

CAM is is a …

GIGABYTE Announces Server Products Both Big and Small


Many folks are familiar with the hardware lusted after by the PC enthusiast. For these folks, only the top performing video cards, motherboards, and processors will do. Throw in a couple tasteful mods, and you have a system that will be a head turner at your local LAN event. For those that work in Enterprise though, only those things that …

LEPA Case Fans Swap Balls for Nano-Particles


There are a number of contributing factors to why your case fans are so loud. It could be the way the air is moving through them is choppy, they are not secured properly, they are vibrating because they are off balance, or because the ball-bearings are touching something. Many companies combat that last issue by put oil between the ball-bearings …

“Gooseman” Minh Le Confirms Half-Life 3 Development


Waiting for sequels can be quite the painful experience. After Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike was released in 1999, there was something of a void in the world of fighting games until Capcom blew us away with Street Fighter IV nine years later. Fans of Half-Life have been suffering a similar fate, anxiously waiting for something since 2007’s Half-Life …