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Linksys Jumps Back into the Business Class Wi-Fi Fray


In this the second decade of the 21st century, the need for businesses to have full and reliable internet access in undeniable. But we’re not talking computers, are we? More and more businesses are facing a rapid increase of connected notebooks, smartphones and tablets and an increase in use of multimedia and video on their networks. This much traffic needs …

ViewSonic Brings Us Next Generation TD2240 10-Point Touch Display


Well, it is finally time to get back to business as usual here at Futurelooks. And to start us out of the right foot, we have some great news from a company we have not heard from in long time. This year ViewSonic will be releasing the next generation 10-point touchscreen display in the new TD2240.

The ViewSonic TD2240 is …

New Lian-Li PC-A51 Brushed Aluminum Case Plays by No One’s Rules


Lian-Li has been one of the top manufacturers of high-end DIY PC chassis for years. Never one to follow trends, they have always been one of the companies leading the way in setting new trends. Always looking for better ways to use space, the new mid-tower PC-A51 may surprise you at how adaptable this brushed aluminum case can be.

The …

Futuremark Introduces Servermark; Needs Benchmarks of the Benchmark


Never one to shy away from providing users with some way, shape, or form of benchmarking hardware, Futuremark has announced Servermark. This latest benchmarking tool from the company synonymous with benchmarking tools will enable IT professionals in businesses large and small to accurately measure and compare the performance of servers. At least that's what Futuremark is saying; eventually it will.…

Testing the Long-Term Reliability of Hard Drives


When choosing a hard drive, several factors come into the equation. This is true whether you’re shopping for a new internal drive for your computer, an external drive for backup purposes, a drive for your web server or wherever else you may want to plunk that spinning platter. You’ll want to be mindful of capacity, for sure, as well as …

“Made in USA” New Apple Mac Pro Delayed Again


Those of you who are interested in the trash can-styled Mac Pro will have to wait a couple more months. Even though we had originally expected the new high-end computer to ship some time this month, the date has now been pushed to some time in April. Apple started taking orders for the Mac Pro back in December, but it …

be quiet! Brings Quality Power to Compact Design


There has been a lot of focus on the small form factor (SFF) PC case design lately, but nothing else has followed. It has been our beloved PC chassis manufacturers changing and innovating to accommodate for standard form factor internal components. be quiet! is here to change that by bringing high quality power supply design to compact form factors with …

Sochi Olympics Opening Ceremony Featured a Russian Cyber-Athlete


By now, you’ve surely heard all the horror stories from visitors to Sochi for these Winter Olympic Games. You’ve probably heard about the controversy surrounding stray dogs, the “dangerous” yellow water coming out of hotel taps and the numerous uncovered manholes. But even so, the Olympics are normally a time to celebrate the triumph of human physical ability through sport. …