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G.Skill Announces New Ripjaws Series Memory Kits for Laptops


I never really liked the whole laptop “thing” because I wanted more control over how my PC is configured. Laptops just do not offer a lot of flexibility, upgradeability, or future-proofing; however, G.Skill will be offering a way to do just that with the new Ripjaws series DDR3 SO-DIMM memory kits.

The new Ripjaws DDR3 will be available in a …

PAX Prime 2013 – Intel SSD Overclocking and Here’s How It’s Done (Video)

Overclocking SSDs_PAX Prime Small

PAX Prime 2013 is not typically a show for computer related product launches. That’s why this year’s show was such a treat because not only did we get to see the launch of the highly anticipated Cooler Master HAF Stacker, but we also witnessed the first ever public exhibition of INTEL’s SSD overclocking technology. Justin Whitney and the Intel SSD …