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Cooler Master Nepton Liquid Cooler Series Drives Spell Check Nuts


Cooler Master has had a busy year, releasing many products, including the innovative HAF Stacker. Now they’ve got something new to show off that fits more closely to their roots which is cooling. Their new All-in-One liquid coolers promise both high performance and versatility. The new Neptune…..I mean Nepton series messes with our spell check and comes in two …

The Updated AeroCool XPredator Avenger Series – More than Just a Fancy Paint Job?


AeroCool is ready to refresh their XPredator lineup with an all new design and style. Starting with a solid base design and expanding on it, AeroCool created the new XPredator Avenger and X3 Avenger. Then they took it a step further with an eye-catching paint job which takes obvious queues from a certain fictional genius, billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist. The …

The ASUS ROG MARS 760 Graphics Card – Two GTX 760s. One Unique Package.


We all know about the standard line of graphics cards. It starts with your entry-level card and levels up until you have the flagship graphics card. And the levels are dictated by which GPU is onboard. Then we get the dual GPU graphics cards as the cherry on top, which are usually, based on reference designs. However, ASUS has done …

ASRock Releases Motherboards Optimized for Bitcoin Mining


Some people are always looking for a way to make quick money, but there is always a catch. It usually ends up being immoral, illegal, or impossible. None of that applies to bitcoin mining which started as a small science project, but has recently exploded into a world-wide phenomenon. Now you can put all that old hardware you haven’t sold …

The WD Black2 Dual Drive Takes SSD and Hard Drive Technology Beyond Hybrid


Our usual pro-tip for folks looking to get the performance of an SSD with the storage capacity of a platter, is to simply run them both. By using a smaller SSD to store only your OS and most hard drive intensive software, while throwing everything else on your larger (and cheaper) hard drive, it really gives the best of both …

Why Remote Online IT Education Is the Future


We do just about everything online these days. If you really didn’t want to go out into the real world and interact with real people, you could easily handle your finances via online banking, order your groceries through a variety of online vendors, and make your income online as a web developer. I’m not saying that we should all curl …