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Meet HEXA, the New Compact Performance Computer System from iBUYPOWER


I always like to see new announcements for compact computer systems. In this day and age, unless you are doing something involving graphics or large amounts of number crunching, a modern compact computer will fill most of your needs. They just keep getting smaller and more powerful too, as is the case with the HEXA. This new compact performance computer …

Galaxy GTX 780 Ti HOF+ Claiming Title of Most Powerful GPU?


There will always be competition to reach the position of king and PC components are no different. We all witness the dog fight for the title of most powerful in the graphics card department and Galaxy has picked its moment to fight for the title now with the new Galaxy GeForce GTX 780 Ti HOF+.

This card is not going …

Cryorig Freshman Year Starts with C1 Compact High-End CPU Cooler


Lets get this out of the way. No, I don’t know exactly how to pronounce it either; however, it doesn’t matter as long as they deliver a quality product. New to the DIY PC market, Cryorig starts it career in the SFF CPU cooling department with the C1.

The Cryorig C1 CPU cooler is designed to be small but maintain …