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Sierra Entertainment Is Back from the Grave


Sierra Entertainment has been around, in one form or another, for 30+ years. They have had a major influence on the gaming industry and contributed a lot to the gaming industry’s history. After several major financial hits that their parent company Vivendi Games couldn’t handle, the Sierra Entertainment name was put on the shelf for several years. Well, they are …

ADATA Premier SP610 256GB SATA Solid State Drive Review

ADATA Premiere SP610 256GB SSD 1

ADATA has recently, they launched their latest SSD featuring a new controller. As part of their Premier series, this new controller helps ADATA service customers who need bang for buck performance, positioned just below their Premier Pro line. The Premier series gets a new model dubbed the SP610, which comes in a range of sizes. The SP610 sports a new …

Putting World of Warcraft on Your Resume; Is Tanking a Marketable Job Skill?


It’s stories like this that make feel like I’m 72 instead of my actual age. It turns out that many gamers are now taking their achievements in online games like World of Warcraft, and trying to sell them as marketable job skills on their resumes and LinkedIn profiles. While trying to run a guild, train and manage players, and …

New SteelSeries DeX Mousepad Crashes Gamescom 2014


We have said it several times that a quality gaming keyboard and mouse can make a huge difference in your play. Just having a quality mouse is only part of the story though, as you also need a quality mousepad to use it with. SteelSeries has a new DeX Mousepad that they promise will be the LAST mousepad you will …

IBM Developing Brain Chip for Future A.I. Overlords


IBM is moving us closer and closer toward our computers ruling the world. They are working on a computer system that is modeled after the human brain. This means the computer will take input from an array of sensors–auditory, visual, etc.–and process it the way the human mind does.

The entire concept of IBM’s new 4096 core “brain chip” is …

Windows 8 Updates on Hold, Windows 9 May Be Full Steam Ahead


It’s no secret that Windows 8 is the OS no one wants to like. It’s like an odd numbered Star Trek movie; the vast majority don’t want it, save for a few die hards. Well, Microsoft may be taking this opinion to heart with some of their latest moves regarding the maligned OS. Originally we were supposed to receive a …

You Are Not Paranoid; the FBI Is Spying on You


The FBI has recently come under fire for a new technique they have been using to track people while they are browsing the web. This new technique is essentially installing malware on people’s computers and using that to access browser histories, key strokes, and more. They are hacking into people’s private computers and spying on them. This is a double-edged …