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Fractal Design Start Rebuilding from the Core


Fractal Design hit the ground running when they first started introducing products to the DIY crowd. Their first efforts were monumentally successful, but had a few things here and there to tweak. Truly listening to their customers, Fractal Design is starting a campaign to redesign everything starting with the Core Series.

It’s a simple formula that we wish more companies …

COMPUTEX 2014 – Cooler Master Everything From the Sea to the Stars


Cooler Master never disappoints when it comes to Computex and this year is no different. No drastic design changes here, because Cooler Master knows its what’s on the inside that counts for the Nepton Series and NovaTouch Hybrid Capacitive Keyboard.

Starting from the sea, we have the Nepton Series of CPU All-in-One CPU Cooler with a full overhaul. Cooler Master …

COMPUTEX 2014 – ASUS ROG Brings More Black and Red Than AMD


ASUS brought a little huge something for everybody to Computex this year and all under the banner of Republic of Gamers. This promises two things for all the products. One: they will have a dark black and red theme. Two: they will all be top-tier, best of the best products that will change your perspective on gaming in style.

For …

COMPUTEX 2014 – ZOTAC Brings Four Silent ZBOX Mini-PCs


I hope you didn’t think it was just the standard sized ZBOXes that would be updated at Computex. ZOTAC actually brought even more to the party this year including some silent but deadly mini-PC models to add to the series. The new ZBOX C-Series has a lot of nice goodies beyond all the extras we are going to need.

The …

COMPUTEX 2014 – ROCCAT Tyon Evolves the Mouse to Have a Dorsal Fin


Gaming peripheral company ROCCAT has claimed to release the next in gaming mouse evolution with the Tyon gaming mouse. This latest wired desk rodent contains a whole host of programmable buttons, and multiple functions that are easily saved to the internal memory. That isn’t what sticks out about this mouse though, both figuratively and literally.

The Tyon has a middle …