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DIY PC Building for Noobs Made Easy with Newegg and iBUYPOWER


If you are new to the DIY (Do It Yourself) PC world, then there are plenty of sites to help you get started. The issue is being new means you most likely don’t know what those sites are yet. We could easily write an article about who to trust and what sites to get started with, but let’s just cut …

Microsoft May be Planning New Activation with Windows 9


It is no secret that many people did not take to the drastic design changes brought on by Windows 8. We personally think those people were overreacting to some cosmetic difference. Nevertheless, combined with a few issues here and there, it created a negative vibe around the OS. Microsoft’s solution is rumored to be letting the OS go the way …

SolidRun HummingBoard Challenges Raspberry Pi for Mini-PC Crown


Readers of Futurelooks typically enjoying tinkering with their computers. As a member of the PC DIY community, you may have built your own PC, swapped out a few drives and even tried your hand at overclocking. If you’ve ever thought about playing with something on a smaller scale, the Raspberry Pi is likely the unit that comes to mind, but …

Could This Be The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 880?


NVIDIA”s next generation GPU architecture is already out in the wild. It’s called “Maxwell” and it comes in the company’s current GTX 750 and GTX 750 Ti products. But the question is, when will we see Maxwell in higher end products? Well, Chinese website Gamersky has unveiled a number of reasonable quality phone shots of  a new NVIDIA based GPU, …