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New ADATA SSD Firmware Update Increases Stability on SX910/SX900/SP900/S510 Models


When any company releases updates to their products, in particular, firmware updates, it's always a good idea to pay attention. Especially, when those products are storage devices like SSDs, that are often holding very important things like our operating systems and important files. So, if you're an ADATA SSD owner, you'll want to pay attention to this latest update.

For …

The ENERMAX Thormax GT - Do You Like Big Cases and Cannot Lie?


The case trend in the last couple years has been to tone down on the muscular, sculpted looking stuff, for more refined lines and aesthetics. Mesh has given way to solid panels, and large fan filled windows have given way to noise dampening and improved thermodynamics inside the chassis. So when the press release for the Enermax Thormax GT arrived …

GIGABYTE GA-X99-UD4 LGA2011-3 ATX Motherboard Review

GIGABYTE GA-X99-UD4 Motherboard JPG

The Intel Haswell Extreme (Haswell-E) edition processors have taken the desktop computing world by storm. They are basically capable of doing just about everything possible, and really well too. Sure, we all would love the biggest and baddest processor but that means spending a lot of money. Then you have worry about which X99 motherboard best suits your needs. …

Sponsored Post - Best Buy Canada Teams up with Cyber-Seniors to Bring Technology to Residents at the Kiwanis Care Centre


Geek Squad installs new technology to get residents online and connected to their community

Best Buy Canada is helping seniors get connected online. Teaming up with Cyber-Seniors and student volunteers at the Kiwanis Care Centre, Best Buy is putting technology in the hands of seniors at this residential care facility in North Vancouver.

“With technology adoption rates for seniors growing, …

Mac OS Malware on the Rise, How Protected Is Your Mac?


When in comes to Apple and their Macintosh (Mac) computers, how worried are you about your computer being infected with malware? A little? Not at all? Is there even malware targeted for Mac OS? Well, it seems that there is an increase in Mac OS malware and if you have not thought about it yet, it is probably about time …

iBUYPOWER Builds Varsity eSports Arena Inside Degree Granting University


You can get a real degree in "Surf Science" and the "Beatles", but when people talk about getting a full ride scholarship on your L337 gaming skillz, they think you're nuts. You probably think you're nuts too. Well, the cake is no lie!

Robert Morris University in Illinois one of few universities in North America that does indeed, offer a …

World's Fastest Console Is a SYBER PC with Identity Issues


This is the year of the Steam Machine console, finding out if it will it gain any real traction in the industry. There is a lot of room for factory customization in the hardware, but will it be united with a single OS? This week SYBER, a division of CYBERPOWERPC, announced the availability of the Vapor Xtreme. It is packed …