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COMPUTEX 2014 – GIGABYTE Unleashes a Whole Host of Gadgets on the Show-Going Masses


A huge number of products have burst forth from the GIGABYTE booth at this year’s COMPUTEX show. Today they revealed a whole collection of laptops, ultrabooks, and tablets. Of particular interest to myself is the ultramobile devices, including the ultrabooks and tablets.  There are two 11.6″ models with one aimed at business and one aimed at home. Both feature weight …

SteelSeries to Create Exclusive Range of Peripherals for…The Sims 4?


If you heard a record scratch in your head when you read that title, you’re not alone. When I think of hardcore gamers in need of their own tuned peripherals, The Sims 4 doesn’t immediately come to mind. Still, the good people at SteelSeries are indeed teaming up with EA to produce The Sims 4 themed peripherals. This includes a …

Corsair Forces Move to SSD with New Budget-Minded Series LX


This is the year of the SSD, or at least that is how things are shaping up. We have always talked about what was the threshold of when the SSD would make mechanical HDD obsolete. The answer is we will never reach that point as long as HDD continues to increase its capacity for storage; however, we have reached that …

COMPUTEX 2014 – MSI Shows Off New Flagship Motherboard and Other Goodies


As expected of COMPUTEX 2014, MSI remembered to bring everything in their product warehouse for a night on the town. There is a lot of goodies including new laptops, new server equipment, new motherboards, Lightning edition AMD graphics cards and more. Lets look at some of the highlights for DIY enthusiast and gamers, shall we?

Lets start with the award-winning …

COMPUTEX 2014 – ASUS Introduces the PB287Q True 4K/UHD Monitor


You’re going to hear a lot about 4K and UHD at Computex 2014. The newest resolution technology has spilled over from the home cinema realm and splashed onto your desktop. ASUS is joining in that deluge with the announcement of their latest 28″ 4K UHD display. The ASUS PB287Q sports a resolution of 3840 x 2160, putting it at four …

GIGABYTE New 9 Series G1 Lineup Is Born to Game


It is one thing to call a motherboard a “gaming motherboard” because you add one or two things gamers like to have. It is an entirely different thing to design a motherboard from the ground up with gaming in mind, both now and for the future. GIGABYTE has chosen the latter with the new 9 Series G1 Gaming Motherboards.

The …

Rock the GeForce, GeForce GTX TITAN Z!


It’s that time again. NVIDIA has raised the bar and announced what is now the fastest video card in the consumer market. Introduced at Computex 2014, the GeForce GTX TITAN Z smashes together two GK110 GTX TITAN Black GPUs for some serious polygon pushing power. The guys in green boast that this newest card will be able to power games …

New ZBOX EN760 From ZOTAC Packs More Power


The saying “big things come is small packages” is, for the most part, never true. ZOTAC has always challenged that with the ZBOX series by packing in a lot of versatility into a very small package. This time ZOTAC is going to start a new front by taking on gaming with the new ZBOX EN760.

What makes the ZBOX EN760 …