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Best Custom PC Builders Include Puget Systems and Falcon Northwest


Futurelooks is a website that is dedicated to the PC enthusiast community, particularly when it comes to PC DIY. That’s why when people ask us about how to build the best custom PC, our recommendation is usually to do it yourself. There’s a lot to be learned and there is a genuine satisfaction that accompanies building your own custom rig. …

Sponsored Post: LG Smart TVs with webOS Makes It Easy


As a PC DIY enthusiast, you likely enjoy tinkering with your computer. You like getting your hands dirty with installing all the different components, messing around with the BIOS and overclocking that beast to extract every last drop of performance you can out of that motherboard, CPU or graphics card. When you plop yourself down in the living room for …

Antec ISK600M Goes Big with Small Form Factor


Let’s face it. The days of super small, book-sized PC cases is over and it is time to look to the future. If you need something that is small enough to hide behind a monitor, you get a pre-built mini PC. You need something even smaller and more portable you get a tablet. You need something that doesn’t take up …

OWC Offers New Thunderbolt 2 Dock with All the Trimmings


You have got yourself an Apple Macbook, Macbook Pro or even an Macbook Air and looking to add some extra peripherals to it, but you notice you’re currently all filled up with what ports you have available. What do you do?

If you are like myself and your Macbook (an Air in my case) is limited on the amount of …

The AOC 34 Inch UltraWideQuad HD (U3477PQU) Monitor Goes Really Wide


In the office, I have two 24 inch DELLs attached to my video editing rig. But I would give anything to have one single display without that awful bezel in the middle. Well, it looks like AOC has just released a “relatively” affordable solution for this sort of dilemma. The new AOC 34 inch UltraWideQuad HD (U3477PQU) monitor hits the …