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Lenovo Adware is Apparently a Feature on New Computers


Adware is bad, no matter what you say to justify its existence. It's part of the sketchy part of the web that most knowledgeable users tend to avoid, and what thousands of shops across the country make money on, by helping you remove it. So when we found out that Lenovo was installing adware onto new machines on purpose, you …

Workshop in London Teaches PC DIY Spirit to Children


When it comes to children and their capacity for learning, all you have to do is just put something in front of them. They'll consume it in short order and they'll want more, whether it's from a game console, a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer. But it's very rarely you'll ever hear them asking "how does it work"? This …

FIDO Password-Killing Tech Coming to Windows 10?


As we continue to explore the saga of Windows 10, new stories keep emerging about how this new operating system will completely change our lives. And as great as this new "digital lifestyle" has been for many of us, it has introduced the nagging problem of having to remember a secure password for so many different sites, services and …

OneNote 2013 Adds More Free Stuff


If you're in search for a way to remove as much paper clutter from your life as possible, you might have come across OneNote 2013, which is a free app from Microsoft. It works very much like a notebook, except, it's all digital, and you're not killing trees (unless you print it). You can embed photos and if you're using …

The BIOSTAR GAMING Z97X Signals an Entrance into Hardware for Gamers


BIOSTAR is no big fish in the motherboard market in North America. But they are starting to push more SKUs into the market. One area that can always use more competition, to drive down prices, is the gaming motherboard segment. As people discover how awesome PC gaming really is, the BIOSTAR Gaming Z97X motherboard is a welcome addition.

Starting with …