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NZXT DOKO Streams Your PC to the Living Room for $99


For some people, you have the PC side of the equation and you have the console side of the equation and never the twain shall meet. People have tried to bridge the gap, but the solutions thus far have left something to be desired. It’s just not that cost effective to build a home theater PC that rivals the hardware …

Say Goodbye to Windows 7 Support


We’ve been following the development of the new Windows 10, most recently looking at some of the new features in the upcoming Spartan browser that’ll replace Internet Explorer. With the smartphone-optimized version of Windows 10 rumored to be unveiled next week, it’s obvious enough that Microsoft is prepared to keep looking and moving forward. That means leaving the past …

CES 2015: Expand Your Macbook Storage Capabilities with HyperDrive

HYPER - HyperDrive Storage for Macbooks

If you’re looking to expand the storage capabilities of your Apple Macbook (Air or Pro) without some bulky external device, then the new offering from HYPER might be right for you: HyperDrive. No, this won’t let you obtain lightspeed capabilities and escape the clutches of the Empire.

Announced during CES 2015, HyperDrive is a plug-and-play microSD card adapter that you …