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SolidRun HummingBoard Challenges Raspberry Pi for Mini-PC Crown


Readers of Futurelooks typically enjoying tinkering with their computers. As a member of the PC DIY community, you may have built your own PC, swapped out a few drives and even tried your hand at overclocking. If you’ve ever thought about playing with something on a smaller scale, the Raspberry Pi is likely the unit that comes to mind, but …

Could This Be The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 880?


NVIDIA”s next generation GPU architecture is already out in the wild. It’s called “Maxwell” and it comes in the company’s current GTX 750 and GTX 750 Ti products. But the question is, when will we see Maxwell in higher end products? Well, Chinese website Gamersky has unveiled a number of reasonable quality phone shots of  a new NVIDIA based GPU, …

Kingston HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset Review

Kingston HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset Review 4

When it comes to video games, three attributes sell the game: audio, graphics, and game play. However, I’ve found that many game developers really focus on the graphics and game play more so than the audio. It’s such a shame when you miss the full game’s experience due to dull, uneventful, or canned game audio. In fact, I find that …

The Intel Core i7-4790K “Devil’s Canyon” Processor Reviewed

Intel Core i7-4790K Devil's Canyon Review 18

Haswell’s successor is code named “Devil’s Canyon” and it’s here for us to check out today. And it turns out that the LGA 1150 socketed processor is compatible with both Z87 and Z97 motherboards which is great news for all enthusiasts. In short, Devil’s Canyon has two major revisions, which include a better thermal interface underneath the aluminum cap and …

Valve Shows 10 Million Reasons Why Playing Video Games Can Amount to Something

29-06-2014 10-53-18 PM

While it may be a very old stereotype, gamers being listless and never amounting to anything through their choice of entertainment is one that still exists. The eSports circuit has been slowly changing that, but recognition of it competitions and players still is nowhere near mainstream. That might change with the latest announcement from Valve, the makers of DOTA 2. …

Intel Z97 Motherboard Round Up – GIGABYTE GA-Z97X-UD5H, MSI Z97 Gaming 7, ASUS Z97 Sabertooth MKI, ASRock Fatal1ty Z97 Killer

Intel Z97 Broadwell Round Up 13

The computer DIY market is an interesting paradox these days. The Intel 9 Series “Broadwell” chipset motherboards released, while Z87 boards seemingly start hitting their prime with solid BIOS and software updates. In fact, there are still quite a few excellent Z87 boards on the shelves. But it makes sense since the Z97 chipset isn’t really a major leap forward, …