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OWC Offers New Thunderbolt 2 Dock with All the Trimmings


You have got yourself an Apple Macbook, Macbook Pro or even an Macbook Air and looking to add some extra peripherals to it, but you notice you're currently all filled up with what ports you have available. What do you do?

If you are like myself and your Macbook (an Air in my case) is limited on the amount of …

The AOC 34 Inch UltraWideQuad HD (U3477PQU) Monitor Goes Really Wide


In the office, I have two 24 inch DELLs attached to my video editing rig. But I would give anything to have one single display without that awful bezel in the middle. Well, it looks like AOC has just released a "relatively" affordable solution for this sort of dilemma. The new AOC 34 inch UltraWideQuad HD (U3477PQU) monitor hits the …

Noctua Brings Signature Quality to Smaller Platforms


There is no doubt in anyone's mind that Noctua is among the top manufacturers of CPU air coolers. They are also the makers of one of the best and quietest fan series we have ever had the pleasure of using. The one drawback to Noctua's amazing air cooling solutions is their size being either too big for most or too …

Pi-Top: Build Your Own Laptop Using a 3D Printer and Raspberry Pi


As DIY enthusiasts, we have been building, customizing, and upgrading our desktop PCs for years. The one thing we have always wanted to do with this is take those skills and build our own laptop, which has been nearly impossible due to lack of standardization of components and preformed cases. This my be a thing of the past with the …

The SteelSeries Siberia Elite Prism Gaming Headset Reviewed (Video)


Not long ago, we reviewed the SteelSeries Siberia Elite headset, which was a bold design move for the company. It was unlike anything we'd seen on the market and we were dying to try them out. It just so happened that we got a set of Sennheiser G4ME ZEROs in at the same time, so we did a "Flagship Headset" …

Zalman Not Bankrupt, Warranties Remain Intact


And so the Zalman saga continues. Earlier this week, we reported that Zalman declared bankruptcy after it was revealed that parent company Moneual defrauded banks for over $3 billion in loans, driving Zalman into the ground. Now we're hearing that only half of that story is true.

The Moneual execs involved in the controversial scandal have reportedly been arrested and …