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The Intel Core i7-5960X Haswell-E LGA2011-V3 Processor Reviewed

Intel Core i7-5960X Haswell-E Processor 1

Haswell-E is here. Well, technically, it’s been “here” for a while but has undergone refinements throughout the last year to ready itself for launch. One of those refinements was more performance and cooler operating temperatures. Without creating a whole new architecture, the only feasible direction, given the current TDP and heat challenges facing Haswell, was to refine the silicon, add …

LEGO Starcraft Can Be Real If You Help


If you are like me, and you totally are, then you grew up playing with LEGO. There is no other toy from our generation that gave players as much freedom as a box full of LEGO bricks. My collection started as most people’s does with a series of models from my favorite movies, mostly Star Wars, before it ended up …

ECS Z97-PK Deluxe Brings the Most Out of Intel Pentium G Series


As the resident AMD guy here at Futurelooks, I am all about the price to performance ratio. Bang-for-your-buck is practically my middle name and not something that AMD exclusively holds. The recently released 20th Anniversary Edition Processors from Intel has everyone looking for a way to maximize their performance. The ECS Z97-PK has the best solution with its CPU One …

CYBERPOWERPC Raven X6 Hybrid Laptop Offers Power and Longevity


CYBERPOWERPC finds a nice balance between a portable gaming platform and an all day work machine with the new Raven X6. This curvaceous beauty can run your favorite AAA titles at full resolution, play Blu-ray quality movies on its 15.6″ full HD IPS panel, and sip very little power when you are actually working to ensure you have the power …

New Microsoft Windows Formula: 7 + 8 = 9


There has been a lot of talk about Microsoft Windows 9 in the past few months, mostly about how Microsoft plans to merge the Metro UI with the classic desktop, complete with the beloved Start menu. As Jason pointed out, the Metro UI is a great interface for mobile applications such as phones (which we love), tablets, and other …

New Biostar Hi-Fi Motherboard Focuses on Premium Home Audio


Building a file server from old parts, updating your gaming system, or building a PC for the kids is easy for DIY builders everywhere. But the perfect HTPC can be tricky. Do you want to go small and quiet? Are you going to fuse it with your home video file server? What external cards do you need to work with …

Sierra Entertainment Is Back from the Grave


Sierra Entertainment has been around, in one form or another, for 30+ years. They have had a major influence on the gaming industry and contributed a lot to the gaming industry’s history. After several major financial hits that their parent company Vivendi Games couldn’t handle, the Sierra Entertainment name was put on the shelf for several years. Well, they are …