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GIGABYTE Releases AMD A-Series ‘Kaveri’ APU motherboards Using a Time Machine


It is that time again! AMD getting ready to release a new series of processors. This year, it is the A-Series Kaveri APU based on the Steamroller architecture. To ensure support for these new chips, GIGABYTE has now officially announced that all their FM2+ motherboards based on the A88X and A55 support Kaveri. They’ve also been showing off the upcoming …

The NZXT H440 Chassis Comes Clean and a New Gaming Keyboard Emerges


NZXT is out to make a point with their latest cases by going with a much more minimalist approach. While we would normally endorse a “more is better” approach, sometimes the opposite can be just as effective. This year, NZXT is releasing the latest H Series chassis called the H440. It’s equipped with next generation FN V2 case fans and …

iBUYPOWER CoinMine Series is Aimed at Crypto-Currency Craze


iBUYPOWER announces that it has become the latest company to release pre-built, pre-configured systems for the exclusive function of mining digital currency. The CoinMine series of desktop computers come loaded with up to 3 AMD-based video cards of your choosing, utilizing the power of the R9 series GPU to make money for nothing (and chicks for free?).

“iBUYPOWER prides itself …