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The Plextor M6e 256GB (PX-AG256M6e) PCIe SSD Card Reviewed


When it comes to DIY performance upgrades, the two biggest strides have been made in high performance graphics cards, and the mass market adoption of SSDs. While most high performance GPUs still only need a spare PCIe slot, and adequate power, for it to give you a generational boost in performance, SSDs, however, have changed with the recent unveiling of …

Western Digital: WD Purple Is the New Black


Mechanical hard drives will never die, it would seem. Every time solid state drives makes a move forward in capacity, pushing mechanical out of the market, they push back. The tried and true Western Digital Black lineup has been out breed and butter for some time, but it may need to make room for the new larger capacity WD Purple …

ROCCAT Adds eSports All-Star to Ryos Lineup


As I've mentioned in previous articles, eSports is big business. It should then be little surprise that companies like ROCCAT exist. They have crafted their company to serve not only eSports players directly, but their fans as well. This dedication is present in their latest gaming keyboard. The Ryos TKL Pro is the latest addition to the Ryos line …

Sponsored Post: Get $10,000 to Create Your Web Series with STORYHIVE and Telus


Have you ever wanted to create your own awesome web series, but you just didn't have the cash or wherewithal to get the job done? Canadian telecommunications company Telus is backing a new platform called STORYHIVE and they want to give you $10,000 to get your video project off the ground.

Inspired by the grassroots nature of Kickstarter, STORYHIVE provides …

Alienware Graphics Amplifier - Awesome Not Included


There are some very nice gaming laptops on the market, such as the recent released Fangbook III. For mobile gaming, that is great, but when you make it home, it is time to bring out the desktop for the full experience. Now, if you are like us, then you don't have the luxury of affording both, so you have …

Cooler Master Nepton 120XL and 240M Liquid Cooling Systems


The cooling system of any PC is based of two simple factors: the capacity of how much heat the system can hold and the speed at which it can dissipate it out. It may seem simple, but the "how" can get very complex when the amount of heat a CPU generates is involved. A couple of the best new upgrades …