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Sponsored Post: Get $10,000 to Create Your Web Series with STORYHIVE and Telus


Have you ever wanted to create your own awesome web series, but you just didn’t have the cash or wherewithal to get the job done? Canadian telecommunications company Telus is backing a new platform called STORYHIVE and they want to give you $10,000 to get your video project off the ground.

Inspired by the grassroots nature of Kickstarter, STORYHIVE provides …

Alienware Graphics Amplifier – Awesome Not Included


There are some very nice gaming laptops on the market, such as the recent released Fangbook III. For mobile gaming, that is great, but when you make it home, it is time to bring out the desktop for the full experience. Now, if you are like us, then you don’t have the luxury of affording both, so you have …

Cooler Master Nepton 120XL and 240M Liquid Cooling Systems


The cooling system of any PC is based of two simple factors: the capacity of how much heat the system can hold and the speed at which it can dissipate it out. It may seem simple, but the “how” can get very complex when the amount of heat a CPU generates is involved. A couple of the best new upgrades …

CYBERPOWERPC Bares Its Fangs to All Competition


Gaming is not just a pastime; gaming is a way of life. Sure, we do all kinds of things on our computers. Our PCs are TVs, music players, workstations, phones, and so on; however, the games are what keep stress in control and our minds active. Since we don’t like leaving these behemoths behind, we may need to invest a …

Thermaltake Mid Tower Core V31 Has Full Tower Cooling System


We have talked at great lengths about cases in the past that have been designed with cooling in mind. This may be the first time when a cooling system was designed with a case around it. The new Thermaltake Core V31 has found a way to take cooling-focused features to a whole new level.

The main reason some enthusiasts go …

5 Reasons Why the Console Is on the Downward Slide and PC Gaming Is Rising Once More


So we’re almost a year into the so-called next generation of console gaming and things are looking not all that revolutionary. They’re barely even looking evolutionary. Sure, there were interesting titles at launch for the two major consoles, and even some nifty recent releases, but this generation has been more ho-hum than hair-raising.

Meanwhile the house that PC gaming built …