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YouPorn Gets in Bed With Spanish e-Sports Team


I don’t think anyone saw this one coming.

Internet purveyor of adult entertainment, YouPorn, has just penetrated the eSports scene with a hardcore Spanish team previously known as Play2Win. As part of the deal, the five man team will be re-branded as “Team YP”, and will begin unloading on the competition at the Gamergy Dota 2 tournament in Madrid later …

Steam Broadcasting Challenges Twitch for Game Streaming Market


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that game streaming has become incredibly popular in recent years as the hardware becomes easier to handle and Internet speeds continue to improve. People streaming from their consoles typically require some sort of capture card device, but streaming your games from your PC is so much easier. And, up until now, Twitch …

Best Custom PC Builders Include Puget Systems and Falcon Northwest


Futurelooks is a website that is dedicated to the PC enthusiast community, particularly when it comes to PC DIY. That’s why when people ask us about how to build the best custom PC, our recommendation is usually to do it yourself. There’s a lot to be learned and there is a genuine satisfaction that accompanies building your own custom rig. …

Sponsored Post: LG Smart TVs with webOS Makes It Easy


As a PC DIY enthusiast, you likely enjoy tinkering with your computer. You like getting your hands dirty with installing all the different components, messing around with the BIOS and overclocking that beast to extract every last drop of performance you can out of that motherboard, CPU or graphics card. When you plop yourself down in the living room for …