Over the years, I have used dozens of different software tools to monitor my PC’s health. They have ranged from brand specific usage, completely broken, known issues with information, and so complex I needed hours of manual reading to understand. NZXT has decided to put an end to all that with the completely free NZXT CAM.

CAM is is a simple, easy to use, and versatile software designed to provide you PC monitoring and more. This software will hit all the major areas including hardware information, current temperature reading, and load readings. All that stuff is fine, but the NZXT CAM software also monitors fails, errors, and hardware load over time to help identify potential problems before they are real problems. This we have not seen before.

CAM doesn’t stop with a flash and a wow though. Starting next month, CAM will also sync your PC stats to the cloud and allow access via your smartphone. We at Futurelooks are going to give it a try and you should too. You could find this to be your favorite monitoring tool ever. What’s a few minutes of testing between friends like the DIY community and NZXT?

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Meet CAM, a Simple Companion for Your PC.

Los Angeles, CA – Upgrading, managing and maintaining all of the components inside a computer can be a daunting task for both new builders and veterans alike. Over the years, computer hardware has advanced rapidly and as a result, monitoring software has become increasingly complex.

CAM changes all of that as the first hardware monitoring software designed specifically to provide the best user experience possible. A beautifully simple interface combined with an interactive feature set provides an effortless approach to maintaining your computer.

Giving a modern refresh to antiquated monitoring methods, CAM offers the ability to sync your data to the cloud, allowing you to access your data and control CAM from anywhere using your mobile device.
More than just a piece of software, CAM is a companion you can trust.

With its all-encompassing approach to PC health, CAM actively monitors and tracks all of the important PC statistics ranging from network speeds, storage space, component temperatures, load usage over time and much more.

CAM also offers a proactive approach to PC health by notifying you of issues long before they become big problems. It is the first monitoring software to provide meaningful notifications in real-time about things such as suggested upgrades, critical issues, malfunctioning hardware and more.

CAM is a big step in NZXT’s long-term goal of contributing to the growth and development of the DIY building community. You can certainly expect big things to follow, perhaps sooner than you think!

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