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NVIDIA really hasn’t been having a good month. First, they had to deal with the backlash regarding the GTX 970 “Memory-Gate” issues, and now they’ve gone down yet another un-popular road of removing the capability to overclock NVIDIA GTX 900M notebook GPUs. Whether we use them or not, you never take an enthusiasts right to overclock man!

According to Maximum PC magazine, the latest driver release (347.29) neuters all remaining traces of overclocking from NVIDIA GTX 900M based GPUs. This isn’t just limited to just lower end notebooks using a GPU from this series. Even the high end notebooks from Aorus and RAZER, which just recently got their GTX 970M upgrades, will have these abilities stripped, should you choose to use NVIDIA’s reference drivers.

According to NVIDIA, the whole reason they have done this, is to protect users, from frying their machines, and turning them into bricks. But when has that ever stopped enthusiasts? Funny enough, the ability to “underclock” for better battery life and cooling, has also been removed completely.

While it is completely understandable why overclocking a notebook, in general, is a pretty silly idea, there are many notebooks out there that are built for this. But furthermore, is it still not the user’s choice whether he or she wants to push for that bit of performance, after reading all the warning dialogs? It’ll be interesting how this plays out over the next few weeks as users start popping in the latest drivers, and discovering, that their overclocks (and underclocks) have been abolished.

Do you think NVIDIA overstepped in this case? Or does it simply put the pressure on notebook makers to enable these features, for machines that are designed for higher thermal load?

Source: Maximum PC

 UPDATE: NVIDIA has revsersed their decision and will be reintroducing the “bug” in the next driver revision.

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