While most people at LANcouver 2011 were friendly, there were some that really needed to work off some anger or redeem themselves from the previous night’s G1-Killer Endurance Challenge. At this year’s inaugural Kingston HyperX Keyboard Hucking (Chucking) Challenge, many people put their best rage quits to the test as we looked to crown the grand champion of this fun event.

In order to make the contest as challenging as possible, and to minimize damage to surrounding vehicles, objects, and other people, we stipulated that contestants had to have their feet on the ground at all times. They also had to throw with both hands clutching either side of the keyboard with the keys facing the competitor. This helped level the playing field somewhat because there was a wide range of body builds at LANcouver 2011. As you’ll see in the video coverage above, it really is harder than it looks. The grand prize winner would walk away with a HyperX T1 DDR3 Memory Kit and a Kingston SSDNow V+100 128GB SSD, courtesy of Kingston Technology.

In the end, one man reigned supreme over all the others, by an inhuman margin. And while there was no drug testing at this year’s event, there have been some protests lodged because some just don’t believe that a gamer could be this jacked. Andreas Sumaris took home the whole enchilada with a commanding throw in both his initial and his final throw in the finals. I heard he also kicks some ass in Street Fighter, but if he doesn’t, you better let him win or he’ll have “words” with you!

We’ll definitely be looking forward to seeing our grand champion next year at the 2012 event. There’s one more event to go tomorrow and we’ll be sharpening pencils. No. Really.

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