It’s been a long time since Futurelooks attended a LAN Party in full force. Not since Fragapalooza 2009 have we come to an event to mingle with the crowd, give away free stuff, and just have fun with the people that read our reviews and articles. This past July 22nd, 2011 weekend, Futurelooks had an opportunity to support the rebirth of the classic “LAN Party” here in Vancouver, BC, Canada. They call it LANcouver 2011 and Futurelooks was there to make sure that everyone had a great time and win free stuff.

GIGABYTE Canada was a very important part of the first fun event we put together for LANcouver 2011. This was event we first ran at Fragaplooza back in 2009 and it was a hit. Back then we called it the “Ultra Durable Challenge”. For LANcouver 2011 however, it was brought back as the G1-Killer Challenge because if it doesn’t kill you, then you could win a shiny new G1-Killer Assassin Motherboard!

As you can see in the video above, there were a lot of really strong looking competitors. There were people with a lot of heart, there were people that gave up early, and then there were people who fought till their knees gave out. We thought that Fragapalooza put on a good show, but this year’s winner, Danny Hsieh threw down a time of 17:31.2, shattering the old record. Not only that, but his devastating sprint at the end proved no match for the other competitors.

We’ve got more video coverage coming up so stay tuned for more from LANcouver 2011!

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