You will never truly understand frustration until you have spent hours trying to convince a friend that the GPU is more important than the CPU when it comes to gaming. Dropping an extra $100 into your GPU will provide more performance per dollar than any CPU upgrade. And for those of you that understand this, GALAX (the GPU formerly known as GALAXY and KFA2) has bulked up and forgotten how to spell.

Setting the name aside, the GALAX GTX 980 HOF is a joke when it comes to specs and performance. Bragging rights are due thanks to the 2048 CUDA cores, 1304 MHz base clock (1418 MHz boost clock), 4GB of GDDR-5 RAM clocked at 3505 MHz, and over the top cooling solution. The cooling solution in particular is a 7 nickel-plated heatpipe tree with one 90 mm fan and two 80 mm fan. The HOF series currently has the fastest core clock speeds of an GTX 900 series cards.

We at Futurelooks don’t care if the name comes from the city of Galax, Virginia or the plant it was named after as long as it delivers the performance we are looking for and it is hard to argue with the specs. No word yet on price or release date, but you may want to keep an eye out during this holiday season. More information below.

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GALAX, a leading manufacturer and innovator of extreme performance gaming hardware, today announced the long awaited successors to the world renowned Hall of Fame lineage with the release of the GTX 980 HOF and GTX 970 HOF.  Following in the HOF tradition, each card is factory tuned with the highest core clock in its class.  The true dominance of the GALAX HOF Series cards, however, lay in their completely unbridled potential for overclocking.

Only the best of the best GeForce GPUs make the cut for HOF edition products, and GALAX has taken every possible step with their in-house designed white PCB, ultra-premium components and an incredible 7 heat-pipe triple fan cooler to ensure that overclockers’ skill and determination is the only thing standing between them and a new world record.  GALAX exclusive Hyper Boost technology acts like a hardware turbocharger, increasing the maximum power delivered to the GPU with the push of a button.  Dual BIOS further simplifies the tweaking process by enabling risk-free firmware updates and customization.


Key Features:

  • Completely redesigned PCB layout from the ground up, optimized for GM204
  • 10 layer manufacturing process in HOF signature pure white color
  • Extended PCB width for optimized layout and cleaner signal
  • Advanced GALAX exclusive “Triple Force” cooler
  • 2 x 80 mm fan + 1 x 90 mm fan
  • 4 x 8 mm heat pipes + 3 x 6 mm heat pipes (total 7 nickel-plated heat pipes)
  • Copper base cooler
  • Integrated MOSFET heatsink
  • Customizable top HOF LED (control blanking frequency, brightness with GFE)
  • Plastic cover with premium die-cast aluminum accents
  • Anodized aluminum backplate protects components and reinforces PCB
  • Next generation IR3595 Digital PWM controller provides 2X switching frequency vs. previous generation
  • 8 phase GPU + 2 phase memory power
  • IR3555 with next gen DrMOS and 60A output
  • Aerospace-grade GALAX Extreme Power Inductors provide ultra-long life, high endurance and low noise vs. normal power inductors
  • Hyper Boost technology acts like a hardware turbocharger, increasing fan speed and maximum power delivered to the GPU with the push of a button
  • Voltage tool (developed by enthusiasts) allows voltage beyond stock limits
  • Hardware dual BIOS simplifies the tweaking process by enabling risk-free firmware updates and customization
  • Prelim internal overclocking results: >1.5GHz on air, >2.1GHz on LN2

The GALAX GeForce GTX 9 series are available at all leading online and in-store retailers worldwide.

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