What can you get when you want something that looks reasonably nice but won’t break the bank? One possible answer to that question is the Dell Inspiron 14z, a reasonably priced notebook for people with reasonable expectations. Check out our video unboxing above (or directly on YouTube) and overview above for a closer look.

We got one of these entry-level 14-inch laptops in the Futurelooks labs, so we thought we would unbox the thing and show you what it is all about. You have to go in with the right set of expectations. This cheaper alternative to the Dell XPS 14z isn’t really all that extra sleek and slim, nor will it really compete with even budget gaming laptops. This is meant to look okay and serve its purpose: basic Windows computing that’s a step up from the el even cheapo-er model.

Some key highlights include your choice of Sandy Bridge i3 or i5 processors, integrated graphics, your choice of hard drive capacities and speeds, an integrated webcam, Windows 7 Home Premium, and the Dell Stage software suite. Look for the full review here on Futurelooks very soon.

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