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“And there’s no way I can pay you back.
But my plan is to show you that I understand.
You are appreciated”.

Tupac Shakur probably isn’t the first name that comes to mind when you think about Mother’s Day, but the late great rapper really loved his mama. I think we all love our mothers and that’s partly why it can be so difficult to find the right Mother’s Day present. As ‘Pac said, there really is no way that you can ever pay her back, but what can you do to show her that she’s appreciated?

Seeing as how you’re already tech-inclined, it only makes sense for you to make use of that expertise when selecting the right Mother’s Day presents. Let me walk you through a few possible gift options.

Help Mom Stay Fit with the Nintendo Wii


One of the hottest items during the holiday shopping season a few months ago was Wii Fit for the Nintendo Wii. With its yoga exercises, strength training, and fun balance games, it was a great way to introduce the moms of the world to the joys of the Nintendo Wii. The Balance Board was also a pretty nifty innovation.

Chances are that your mom is growing a little tired of Wii Fit by now, so it’s time to upgrade her Wii library with another health-oriented title. My Fitness Coach from Ubisoft┬áis even less of a “game” than Wii Fit, instead providing you with a virtual trainer named Maya who will help you work toward your fitness goal. There are almost 500 unique exercises in all.


What about when mom is away from the Wii? Ubisoft has a similar title for the Nintendo DS called My Weight Loss Coach. This comes bundled with a pedometer to track her daily activity, as well as 10 coaching sessions, 500 challenges, and four awareness-building trivia games.

My Fitness Coach for the Wii and My Weight Loss Coach for the DS retail for about thirty bucks each, though many online stores are now selling them for less. If you’re mom is more into blasting zombies into oblivion, a Wii blaster or zapper may be more appropriate.

Staying Connected with a BlackBerry Smartphone


I’ve said many times before that smartphones are no longer restricted to the realm of three-piece suits and corporate boardrooms. The added functionality and utility of a smartphone can be incredibly useful to just about anyone, and this includes all the soccer moms in the audience as well. They’ve got shopping lists to maintain, appointments to remember, and household expenses to track.

Choosing a smartphone can be a highly subjective experience, so don’t think so much about what phone you want. Think about what phone she would want. An inexpensive and simple option might be the Palm Centro, but a more recent phone that’s popular with the ladies is the BlackBerry Pearl Flip. Clamshells are quite the hit, but this flip phone is a full-fledged BlackBerry. The Pearl Flip can be had (close to) free with contract or about $300 unsubsidized. More info can be found on the Blackberry website.

If your mom already has a suitable smartphone to help her live her life, you can alternatively consider a range of cell phone accessories for Mother’s Day as well.

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