Cooler Master Storm Series Scout Gaming Case Review

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Remember when it was tough finding a good modded computer case? Now, vendors are each making their own special flavored enclosures like Baskin Robbins offers up ice cream. With so many different tastes and needs in the marketplace, vendors hope to design something that will appeal to you in order to get your business. The trick is to develop a design something that separates itself from the rest and leaves a lasting impression. That’s a tough objective when it happens to gaming cases.

coolermaster storm scout enclosure 25 Cooler Master Storm Series Scout Gaming Case Review

Cooler Master is very well known amongst the gaming community. We’ve all seen many a Cosmos 1000, Stacker, and HAF 932 enclosure offering most if not all the bells and whistles that the most serious of gamers expect in a case. However, that wasn’t good enough and so they embarked on a journey, hanging around some of the best PC gamers around the world, observing how they lived, how they played (even how they slept).

After gathering enough intel, Cooler Master designed some very unique enclosures under the new CM Storm name, which they debuted earlier this year at CES 2009. The CM Storm series comes in two different forms: the Scout and the Sniper. Today, we have the Scout locked, cocked and ready to rock! Let’s see if the intel is good, or if the mission is headed for a scrub.

Features and Specifications

coolermaster storm scout enclosure 17 Cooler Master Storm Series Scout Gaming Case Review

The CM Storm Scout offers many very up to date features that are required if you really want to appeal to true gamers. The most noteable are its design features that allow for mobility which is what gamers who attend LAN Parties can appreciate. If it can’t be small and light weight, at least it can be manageable. Here are some of the other many features:

  • Reinforced handle for mobility
  • Black interior chassis
  • Motherboard tray cut out for CPU access
  • Supports standard 2.5″ HDD & 1.8″ SSD
  • Wire management design
  • Controllable LED cooling fans
  • 140mm front intake fan
  • 140mm top exhaust fan
  • 120mm rear exhaust fan
  • Option 120mm mounting
  • Unique tinted window design
  • Storm Guard PCI and Panel Lock Security

Some of the points not mentioned are the four USB ports available on the bezel as well as an eSATA port for extra expansion and connectivity. It’s also a tool-less internal chassis requiring nothing more than the bundled brackets for assembly. The front bezel is also fully meshed with filtering to cut down on dust bunny infestations.

What’s in the Box?

coolermaster storm scout enclosure 11 Cooler Master Storm Series Scout Gaming Case Review

Along with the nicely packaged Storm Scout enclosure are a few of the standards that accompany a quality designed case. There are extras for tidying up wiring, tooless hard drive rails, SSD hardware, screws, and standoffs for mounting your system inside the Scout.

Seeing extras like this really completes the package and makes you feel very confident about what you can accomplish with the enclosure. The only thing not in the box that you can see in the box picture is an included red LED fan. Of course, this is just a rendering of what your own system could look like. Fans are so cheap these days, we won’t hold it against Cooler Master.

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