COMPUTEX Taipei 2008 - What Is It and Why You Should Care

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Trade shows represent an awesome venue for computer and electronics makers to show off their latest wares, getting all sorts of press attention for their newest innovations. At the same time, these computer expos also provide an excellent opportunity for people interested in the industry to visit with all of the major players in one convenient location. After taking on the largest consumer electronics show in the world known as CES, it's time for the Futurelooks crew to head overseas to Taipei, Taiwan for the second largest computer show in the world known as COMPUTEX!

Taking place between June 3 and June 7 of this year is COMPUTEX 2008 is a gigantic computer and electronics expo held in Taipei, Taiwan. It is also home to one of the tallest buildings in the world, Taipe 101, which is a technological marvel in its own right. To help prepare for this monumental event, we're going to take a moment to give you some background on the show, what you should expect from this year's show and why Taiwan is well deserving of your technologically-inclined attention.

The History of COMPUTEX

COMPUTEX Taipei 2008: A Primer and a Preview

An example of a large international technology expo is CES, which you may be very familiar with due to the large amount of coverage that Futurelooks has given this show in the past. At these events, which usually span about a week or so, manufacturers and companies from around the world proudly display the hottest products they have available, possibly giving attendees a brief glimpse into some prototypes and items that aren't even available for sale yet. That's not how COMPUTEX started.

The first COMPUTEX EXPO was held way back in 1981, a full 27 years ago. This first COMPUTEX was not home to numerous international vendors and electronics manufacturers. Instead, COMPUTEX was originally conceived as a trade fair where small and medium-sized businesses in Taiwan's computer industry could display their products. It was a point of national pride and they wanted to have a sharp focus on what Taiwan had to offer.

COMPUTEX Taipei 2008: A Primer and a Preview

As the computer industry continued to grow and mature, COMPUTEX also grew and matured. While the trade show may have started as a small exhibition for Taiwan's local companies, COMPUTEX quickly became an important event on a global scale. It started to attract vendors and manufacturers from all around the world and has since grown to welcome all sorts of international attendion from big names like INTEL, AMD, and NVIDIA. As a result, COMPUTEX has turned into the world's leading ICT procurement platform. In other words, it's where companies go shopping for stuff that eventually turns into the things that you drool over and spend your hard earned dollars on.

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