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CableMod Premium Replacement Power Supply Cables Arrive


When it comes to modding, one of the things that the pros do, is take the time to painstakingly re-sleeve all the cables in the system. In particular, the power supply cables, which can vary in their aesthetic deployment. The only way to control this, is by individually sleeving each cable, which takes considerable time, effort, and patience. Unlike sleeved …

FSP Brings the Bling with AURUM 80+ Platinum PSU


When it  comes to the power supply in your computer, most people are just happy with the computer powering up. We at Futurelooks and our readers demand more from our power supplies when it is at the core of a customer-built gaming PC. If you are looking for a bigger power supply, but don't need all the extra "flash," then …

BitFenix Neos Enclosure and Fury 750G Power Supply Reviewed

BitFenix Neos Enclosure Review 4

Most enthusiasts opt for high end and often pretty flashy computer enclosures. But there many users who continue to choose clean, easily manageable enclosures that also happen to be quite affordable. The tough part is finding one that has features you need, and is still attractive, despite the low cost. The BitFenix Neos, which launched just after COMPUTEX 2014, …

Cooler Master Upgrades V1200 to 80+ Platinum


We have said it before, but the power supply is the core of your computer and more important than anything else. Change anything else to improve your experience, change available options, or alter features, but it all means nothing if the computer does not turn on in the first place. Never compromise on your PSU. Cooler Master takes this to …

New Corsair AX1500i Rewrites the 80+ Rating System


They finally did it. Corsair finally moved their Power Supply lineup so far ahead of the game they have forced the scales we use to measure them with to change. Originally included in the 80 PLUS rating system, the Titanium rating was only included to cover future advancements down the line. The new Corsair AX1500i has reached that line, so …

be quiet! Power Supplies Excel at Being Enviromentally Friendly


Looking for a quiet power supply for your system? Something that sips power from the outlet while still being able to drive your rig? Well, it looks like these be quiet! power supplies just might be the perfect products for you.

Turns out that in testing, be quiet! has shown that their power supplies already comply with stricter power efficiency …

Lepa Aims for a New Record with the 1375W Platinum Power Supply


I don't care what people say, more is better. Leap, in keeping with their motto, aims for a new record in power density with the new PSU. The new flagship series for Lepa is the MaxPlatinum and will be replacing the G1600 PSU series.

The new MaxPlatinum from LEPA are 80PLUS Platinum rated power supplies if you have not already …

be quiet! Pure Power L8 700 Watt ATX Power Supply Reviewed

BeQuiet! Pure Power 700 Watt Power Supply 9

Is it wrong that I've come to expect German engineered technology to last? One of my older gamer systems still has a 2007 be quiet! power supply still running strong. I have a couple newer units here that served a couple demo systems flawlessly even coming back after a grounding issue. None of the components were damaged which points to …

Thermaltake Adds a Little Gold to their Line of Power Supplies


If I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times: Edward's Lemon Meringue Pie is amazing and your PSU is the core of your computer. You can never go wrong with buying a high quality, high performance power supply unit like the new Thermaltake Toughpower Gold Series.

The latest PSU from our friends at Thermaltake is the …

be quiet! Brings Quality Power to Compact Design


There has been a lot of focus on the small form factor (SFF) PC case design lately, but nothing else has followed. It has been our beloved PC chassis manufacturers changing and innovating to accommodate for standard form factor internal components. be quiet! is here to change that by bringing high quality power supply design to compact form factors with …

CES 2014 - Corsair Goes for Overkill with New 1500 Watt PSU


Corsair is currently the number one brand in PC power supply units in North America, hands down. While they are getting challenged on this front by a number of other brands like be quiet! and others, Corsair continues to push the boundaries of quality higher. And with their latest product, they hold absolutely nothing back. Introducing, the new Corsair AX1500i …