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Say Goodbye to Windows 7 Support


We’ve been following the development of the new Windows 10, most recently looking at some of the new features in the upcoming Spartan browser that’ll replace Internet Explorer. With the smartphone-optimized version of Windows 10 rumored to be unveiled next week, it’s obvious enough that Microsoft is prepared to keep looking and moving forward. That means leaving the past …

Windows 10 “Spartan” Browser Kicking IE Down Bottomless Pit


A lot of people I know have a particular distaste for Internet Explorer and they’re certainly not alone in that sentiment. We’re far more likely to use something like Google Chrome instead and Microsoft knows it. Now, there’s word that Microsoft is finally going to do something about it in Windows 10 by effectively killing IE and replacing it with …

The Importance of Being Platform Agnostic


Some people will tell you that the Android ecosystem is fragmented. There are a tons of different devices running different screen resolutions, different screen sizes and different versions of Android. And even when you have smartphones that are running the same OS, you’re left with those different UI skins and customizations. The same thing happens, perhaps even more profoundly, when …

Mac OS Malware on the Rise, How Protected Is Your Mac?


When in comes to Apple and their Macintosh (Mac) computers, how worried are you about your computer being infected with malware? A little? Not at all? Is there even malware targeted for Mac OS? Well, it seems that there is an increase in Mac OS malware and if you have not thought about it yet, it is probably about time …