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COUGAR 200K Keyboard Takes Care of Budget-Minded Gamers


COUGAR is at it again with their latest release. The German gaming peripherals company now has a keyboard to address every segment of the market with today's release of the 200K gaming keyboard. As you can see from the picture above, this latest keyboard looks pretty basic, but its appearance (and price tag) is hiding some interesting features.

Rather than …

COUGAR Announces 500K, Remembers Some Gamers Still Prefer Membrane Keyboards


Up until now, it seemed only companies that had a vested interest in the mainstream market were building performance membrane-based keyboards. Microsoft and Logitech both have products that sit on the high end of the market while still using the technology. When you switched over to the gaming space, mechanical keyboards were almost the only game in town. That was …

Cooler Master Goes Full Octane with New Mouse and Keyboard Combo


Cooler Master is on a roll with peripheral releases. After the success of their Devastator set, CM is releasing the new Octane combo. This new mouse and keyboard pairing has a few more robust features, multiple lighting colors and profiles, and some more tweaks here and there to make it really stand out.

The keyboard included in the Octane set …

Razer Creates Truly Epic Mouse for MMO Gamers


Have you ever wanted something just because it was the biggest, baddest thing in its class? We are all guilty of this at some point in time. We have all built that $10,000+ gaming system wishlist just to see how awesome it would look. Well, Razer has taken that principle to heart when creating the new Naga Epic Chroma MMO …

ROCCAT Adds eSports All-Star to Ryos Lineup


As I've mentioned in previous articles, eSports is big business. It should then be little surprise that companies like ROCCAT exist. They have crafted their company to serve not only eSports players directly, but their fans as well. This dedication is present in their latest gaming keyboard. The Ryos TKL Pro is the latest addition to the Ryos line …

COUGAR Redesigns Award-Winning 700M for Claw Grip with 600M


COUGAR has been working hard to make a name for itself in the industry from day one. Never being one to shy away from their design, bright orange brand color, or no compromise values has shown us a lot of great products. The award-winning 700M was a great success and is now being followed up by the 600M for those …

Cougar Biting Into Mechanical Keyboards with 700K


It is hard to find something truly unique in the aftermarket of PC gaming peripherals. This is especially true of mechanical keyboards which often comes down to the software interface and Cherry MX key switches to help you decide which one to pick. Cougar is attacking this market with something old, something new, and something blue in the Cougar 700k. …

New SteelSeries DeX Mousepad Crashes Gamescom 2014


We have said it several times that a quality gaming keyboard and mouse can make a huge difference in your play. Just having a quality mouse is only part of the story though, as you also need a quality mousepad to use it with. SteelSeries has a new DeX Mousepad that they promise will be the LAST mousepad you will …