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Corsair Goes Against the Grain with Black Aluminum Vengeance K70 Keyboard


While not really important, all DIY PC builders strive to match color schemes for all the components of their system. Why? Because it looks awesome when everything looks like it was designed to be together. The only issue we had with the Corsair Vengeance K70 keyboard is the aluminum metal color which limited options for matching the keyboard. Corsair has …

Rapoo Aims for the Top with the 8900P Wireless Desktop


Newcomer Rapoo Technology is certainly aiming for the top dogs with their most recent announcement. The new 8900P advanced wireless keyboard and mouse look a lot like contemporary sets from both Logitech and Microsoft, and the new Chinese manufacturer certainly is advertising them as such.

This new kit combines two components. The first is the E9270P keyboard. It's a slim …

The NZXT H440 Chassis Comes Clean and a New Gaming Keyboard Emerges


NZXT is out to make a point with their latest cases by going with a much more minimalist approach. While we would normally endorse a “more is better” approach, sometimes the opposite can be just as effective. This year, NZXT is releasing the latest H Series chassis called the H440. It’s equipped with next generation FN V2 case fans and …

CES 2014 – Tt eSPORTS Brings Everything Gaming to Las Vegas


CES 2014 is shaping up to have more new products in total than any year previously. This is all thanks to companies like Thermaltake, who are refreshing and adding to every one of their existing line of products. At CES 2014, the Tt eSPORTS brand from Thermaltake brings a little something for everyone.

First up is the World Premier of …

CES 2014 – Rosewill Shoots for Most New Products at Show


What happens when one of the largest “in-house” distributors waits until CES 2014 to release updates to its current series of products? We just found out Rosewill will be showing off more than 50 new items in Las Vegas this year. The actual number is apparently hard to come by as even the people in charge of the event for …

CES 2014 – ROCCAT Goes All in for Las Vegas


CES 2014 is here and the trend this year seems to be “more is better”. Its great when your favorite company releases special edition versions of popular PC components or peripherals. Or when they finally update that awesome product you have been holding onto for years. They only thing better than that is when ROCCAT releases new versions of pretty …