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The AOC 34 Inch UltraWideQuad HD (U3477PQU) Monitor Goes Really Wide


In the office, I have two 24 inch DELLs attached to my video editing rig. But I would give anything to have one single display without that awful bezel in the middle. Well, it looks like AOC has just released a "relatively" affordable solution for this sort of dilemma. The new AOC 34 inch UltraWideQuad HD (U3477PQU) monitor hits the …

NEC PA322UHD Brings Most Accurate Color to PC Displays Ever


The beauty of a PC is that you can customize the components, peripherals, software, and everything else to fit your needs. Contrary to the console world, one size of PC does not fit all. My PC is built for gaming first and foremost, but that does not stop it from doing other things like writing this post. On the other …

ViewSonic Ready with Next Generation of Gaming Displays


When it is all said and done, your PC experience is decided by the final output: what you see on your monitor and what you hear from your speakers/headset. You can have the most powerful PC on the market, but it means nothing if you are playing your favorite AAA title on some entry-level monitor. ViewSonic invites you step up …

COMPUTEX 2014 - ASUS Introduces the PB287Q True 4K/UHD Monitor


You're going to hear a lot about 4K and UHD at Computex 2014. The newest resolution technology has spilled over from the home cinema realm and splashed onto your desktop. ASUS is joining in that deluge with the announcement of their latest 28" 4K UHD display. The ASUS PB287Q sports a resolution of 3840 x 2160, putting it at four …

ViewSonic Brings Us Next Generation TD2240 10-Point Touch Display


Well, it is finally time to get back to business as usual here at Futurelooks. And to start us out of the right foot, we have some great news from a company we have not heard from in long time. This year ViewSonic will be releasing the next generation 10-point touchscreen display in the new TD2240.

The ViewSonic TD2240 is …

Dell Brings Reasonably Priced Windows 8 Touch-Screen Monitors to Market


One of the major features Microsoft highlighted when they released Windows 8 was the touch integration. And it would have been great if touch-screen monitors at the time were not in the $500+ range for even smaller 20" monitors. While the pricing has improved, quality Windows 8 touch-screen monitors are still well out of reach of most reasonable budgets. However, …