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G.Skill Announces New Ripjaws Series Memory Kits for Laptops


I never really liked the whole laptop “thing” because I wanted more control over how my PC is configured. Laptops just do not offer a lot of flexibility, upgradeability, or future-proofing; however, G.Skill will be offering a way to do just that with the new Ripjaws series DDR3 SO-DIMM memory kits.

The new Ripjaws DDR3 will be available in a …

ADATA Unleashes New XPG V2 Series For Intel Haswell


It has been quite some time since memory took a step forward or changed in any significant way. This year I have been seeing a trend of DDR3 RAM moving up in clock speed at an astonishing rate. Speeds we thought a few years ago would not be reached until DDR4 became a retail reality. ADATA’s new XPG V2 DRAM …

COMPUTEX 2013 – G.Skill Releases World’s Fastest RAM


DDR3 RAM has been around for over 6 years. The original JEDEC specifications for DDR3 RAM speed was to top out at 2133 MHz with a timing of 11-11-11. By this time, DDR4 RAM was to be introduced with higher speeds. G.Skill seems to have other plans in mind with their new 3000 MHz Extreme Speed DDR3 RAM.

The new …