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Desktop-Killing GIGABYTE P37X Gaming Laptop with GTX 980M


For the longest time, I led a laptop-only computing experience. I had a docking station at the home office that was connected to an external monitor, mouse, keyboard and some other peripherals, but having a notebook meant I could go anywhere and do anything... except my laptop was sluggish, slow and underpowered. If you want to have some real gaming …

Lenovo Throws the Superfish Adware Back


Even though someone, we don't know who, but someone had good intentions (maybe) at Lenovo, when they voluntarily installed Superfish Adware on new systems, it ultimately backfired on them. When we reported on this, Lenovo reps were still maintaining that the software was some sort of a feature that helped you find things in Google searches. But of course, …

Lenovo Adware is Apparently a Feature on New Computers


Adware is bad, no matter what you say to justify its existence. It's part of the sketchy part of the web that most knowledgeable users tend to avoid, and what thousands of shops across the country make money on, by helping you remove it. So when we found out that Lenovo was installing adware onto new machines on purpose, you …

Super-Thin GIGABYTE P34W v3 14-Inch Laptop Games with GTX 970M


Most people have the impression that you have to choose between having a laptop that is remarkably thin and one that is remarkably powerful. More and more, those two worlds colliding and one of the newest examples is the upgraded version of the GIGABYTE P34W. They're saying the new P34W is the only 14-incher with GeForce GTX 970M graphics. Game …

Pi-Top: Build Your Own Laptop Using a 3D Printer and Raspberry Pi


As DIY enthusiasts, we have been building, customizing, and upgrading our desktop PCs for years. The one thing we have always wanted to do with this is take those skills and build our own laptop, which has been nearly impossible due to lack of standardization of components and preformed cases. This my be a thing of the past with the …