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MSI Stays on the Cutting Edge of Gaming Laptops


One of the few things we can all count on in the PC gaming world is MSI will find a way to put more technology in a laptop than what should actually be possible. This year, along with the expected “Before everyone else gets it” refresh, we are also getting some nice new goodies. We are proud to present the …

New MSI Laptops Bring Gaming Out of the Shadows


When you purchase a laptop built specifically for gaming, there are a few sacrifices your need to keep in mind. Chief among them is portability, as something beefy enough to handle any modern game is going to be rather significant in both size and weight. Today, MSI looks to change that, with the announcement of their GS60 Ghost and GS70 …

Steve Jobs Wanted a Sony VAIO-Branded MacBook


Word on the street is that Sony is looking to sell its VAIO PC division and Lenovo could be one of the leading candidates as a buyer. This would add to Lenovo’s already growing portfolio, having acquired the ThinkPad business from IBM years ago and, more recently, picking up Motorola Mobility from Google. As it turns out, though, Sony already …

CES 2014 – NVIDIA Tegra K1 Brings Photo-Realistic Rendering Everywhere


Yesterday, NVIDIA made a very big announcement that some weren’t expecting for another 12 months. Battling a bit of illness, NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang revealed to us the new Tegra K1 platform. This ARM-based SoC includes 192 Kepler-based CUDA cores while sharing a GPU architecture with the current GeForce GTX 700 series video cards. This new part is to, as …

The DELL M3800 – A Thin and Light Mobile Workstation Worth Drooling Over

precision m3800

When it comes to the difference between a workstation notebook and a gaming notebook, you often have to wonder why you would want to pay more for something that carried a GPU that couldn’t game, but had similar specs otherwise. And then there’s the matter of design as most “workstation” notebooks had these really chunky looking designs that were clearly …

ADATA DashDrive Air AE800 Expands Portable Storage for Tablets and Smartphones


Thanks to a lot of advancements, smartphones and tablets have become the go to tool for portable data consumption. While it works great for Internet access and music streaming, these device have their limitations in battery life, sharing content, and storage capacity. The ADATA DashDrive Air AE800 could be the solution to all those shortcomings in one single package.

Originally …

The MSI GT Series Laptops Let Creative Pros Take Their Work Anywhere


Everything is being redesigned to be “on the go” when it comes to personal computers. Laptops are becoming tablets, tablets are becoming cell phones, but desktop PCs designed for creative work have been largely unaffected until now. MSI is now looking to turn Workstation PCs portable with their new series of GT laptops.

The basic design for the new MSI …

iBUYPOWER Battalion Gaming Laptops Go Ultra-Thin


I personally have never been a fan of portable gaming devices such as the Sony PSP, Gameboy and Nintendo DS. And it’s because they only do one thing very well and nothing else at all really. However, the last few generations of portable gaming systems added a lot of PC features with various levels of success. But the best way …