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Mac-Friendly WD My Passport Pro Rocks Thunderbolt, RAID Support


When you think about most portable hard drives, you assume that they likely have a USB connection and they’re probably configured as a single drive. The folks at Western Digital are turning these assumptions on their heads with the brand new WD My Passport Pro, formally announced at MacWorld today.

Geared mostly toward creative professionals on the go, the WD …

LaCie Wants to Shove 5TB down Your Thunderbolt Port


Remember when you needed a tall stack of hard drives just to get a few terabytes of storage? Futurelooks remembers. With the latest announcement from LaCie, that will indeed be just a memory. The French computer hardware company has always have a penchant for external hard drives and RAID arrays, and with this latest product you can get anywhere from …

Testing the Long-Term Reliability of Hard Drives


When choosing a hard drive, several factors come into the equation. This is true whether you’re shopping for a new internal drive for your computer, an external drive for backup purposes, a drive for your web server or wherever else you may want to plunk that spinning platter. You’ll want to be mindful of capacity, for sure, as well as …

Western Digital’s 1TB Velociraptor (WD1000DHTZ) and 2TB Black (WD2002FAEX) Hard Drives Reviewed

Western Digital 1TB Velociraptor Hard Drive 17

In the past couple years, Intel has said that SSDs will inevitably replace platter based hard drives. Unfortunately, limited quantities of expensive NAND and controllers are one aspect preventing that from happening. The second obstacle is that SSDs just aren’t available in large enough capacities to satisfy consumers. The only way that Intel prediction comes to fruition is if Intel …

ADATA Launches Thinner Portable USB 3.0 External Hard Drive Series


The ability to keep your data with you on the go is a large part of our daily lives. Everything we own now comes with some kind of storage for personal data from our smart phones to wrist watches. While these can be convenient, nothing really comes close to the tried-and-true portable storage drive for its capacity and versatility. ADATA’s …