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Western Digital: WD Purple Is the New Black


Mechanical hard drives will never die, it would seem. Every time solid state drives makes a move forward in capacity, pushing mechanical out of the market, they push back. The tried and true Western Digital Black lineup has been out breed and butter for some time, but it may need to make room for the new larger capacity WD Purple …

Backblaze's Hard Drive Reliability Report Puts Hitachi in First Place (and Seagate in Last)

Seagate Barracuda XT 2TB SATA3 Hard Drive_12

Backblaze, an online backup service provider, has revealed the results of their continuous hard drive reliability report which features data collected over 34,881 drives from manufacturers such as Seagate, Western Digital and Hitachi. We originally covered their first report in February of 2014, where the company revealed that certain Seagate drives had a significantly higher failure rate than other …

Seagate Dares You to Fill Its Newest 8TB Hard Drive


Remember when you never thought you'd never be able to fill that brand new 4TB drive? Yeah, how'd that turn out for you? Well you're in luck. Seagate has announced the release of an 8TB hard drive, giving you even more room for all your "backups."

Actually, this new drive will fall into Seagate's enterprise product line and will contain …

You Are Not Paranoid; the FBI Is Spying on You


The FBI has recently come under fire for a new technique they have been using to track people while they are browsing the web. This new technique is essentially installing malware on people's computers and using that to access browser histories, key strokes, and more. They are hacking into people's private computers and spying on them. This is a double-edged …

WD My Passport Pro 4TB Thunderbolt Portable RAID Drive Review

WD My Passport Pro 4TB thunderbolt-cable

In this day and age of digital entertainment, the associated files that are edited to bring you amazing still life imagery or high-definition video require high performance peripherals. With a large amount of digital content producers being out on location and not in the comfort of their studios, their devices need to be portable without sacrificing performance. This is where …

LaCie Injects New Life into Iconic Portable Drive


LaCie is one of the best known brands when it comes to external/portable drives. One of their best known products is the Rugged Drive which boasted being dust, shock, and water resistance. This year, Seagate has upgraded the Lacie Rugged Drive with all new internal components to make it faster and more durable than ever before.

The new Rugged Drive …

COMPUTEX 2014 - OCZ Wants to Fill Your PCIe Slot with SSD Storage


Ever since the Toshiba take over of OCZ, the company formally know for RAM and storage solutions has been making a surge back into the market with their many SSD products. This year's COMPUTEX show is another step in their re-entry, with their booth both showing off their entire line of current products and facilitating the announcement of some new …

COMPUTEX 2014 - WD Will Demonstrate First PCI Express Hard Drives


WD, the company Western Digital sells their hard drives under, demonstrated something very interesting at Computex 2014. With a few key partners, WD introduced the prototype for their SATA Express interface. The new interface is based off PCI Express, and is offered in the recently launched Intel series-9 chipset motherboard platforms.

The intent of this new interface is to provide …