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NVIDIA's GAME24 is a Global Celebration of PC Gaming (And it Happens Today)!


At 6PM PST today, NVIDIA will be kicking off their celebration of all things PC gaming. With events in Chicago, Los Angeles, London, Mission Viejo (Ca.), Indianapolis, Shanghai, and Stockholm, all synchronizing for 24 hrs straight, GAME24 is truly a global celebration of all things we love. Check out the trailer below to get absolutely pysched for this uniquely huge …

ECS Elitegroup Goes from "Extreme" to "L337" in Renewed Effort to Compete in PC DIY Space Again (Video)

ECS Newark - LIVA

A good number of years ago, ECS Elitegroup came to North America with a fire and passion that can only be described as "Extreme". Armed with "purple" motherboards that shouted loudly inside systems, the company reached out to journalists and communities to get their name out there. Although their products weren't the most refined, or the highest quality initially, they …

The Futurelooks Tour of PAX Prime 2014

Futurelooks PAX Prime 2014 Seattle 22

Just this weekend, PAX Prime 2014 hosted some 80,000+ gamers, exhibitors, and vendors at the Seattle Convention Center. This is one of the few venues you'll never hear bickering as to which is best because everyone there simply loves to game.

Thousands ambled through several exhibition halls looking at the latest in console and PC based video games. Sadly, most …

The Top 5 Best PC Games of E3 2014


We made our way down to Los Angeles for E3 last year, but we didn't have the opportunity to head on down there for this year's show. Even so, we're still avid gamers and we played along from the comfort of our home offices. And from that perspective, I've rounded five of the best PC games from E3 2014. …