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AMD Handed Out Chips to Intel Developer Forum Attendees


In a very unorthodox move, AMD gives away chips to those that attended the Intel Developer’s Forum this week. The way the news portrays these two companies, I didn’t think AMD would be allowed to attend. Or even get close enough to the venue to pull this stunt off. Yet AMD was in San Fransisco, directly outside the Moscone Center, …

Intel’s 4th Generation “Haswell” Core i7-4770K LGA1150 Processor Reviewed

Intel 4th Generation Core i7-4770K Haswell Processor Review 18

It’s been just about two years since Intel launched 3rd Generation Ivy Bridge processors which you may recall offers built-in features that make surprisingly fast work of transcoding, converting video, or managing audio projects with supporting software titles. And of course, Hyper-Threading assists in nearly doubling the work of the physical cores. Ivy Bridge itself is a relatively cool, smooth …

AMD Unveils the World’s First 5.0 GHz Processor That You Can Buy


I have been sitting on this information for a while now because I was waiting for something to be confirmed. Well I have that cofirmation, so you will have that confirmation as well. AMD will be releasing a new flagship CPU for the Vishera series called the new FX-9000 series. The current launch line up will include the 8-core FX-9590 …

To Un-Socket or not to Un-Socket? That’s a Question for INTEL and AMD!


One of the amazing things about the DIY PC market is the level of control and customizability you have to create whatever your heart desires. You can build something very inexpensively, or build something with the same top notch components that the best system builders use. Everyone has access to the same parts, but the combinations are endless. This of …

AMD’s Virgo Platform and Trinity A8-5600K / A10-5800K APUs Reviewed


AMD finally moves forward with implementing a completely new module architecture across its processors. This move has been met with a lot of controversy thanks to high expectations from the first all new design in over a decade. While the rest of the Internet has already released their findings, we decided to spend some extra time to get to know …

Intel Core i7-3770K Ivy Bridge LGA1155 Processor Review

Intel 3rd Generation Ivy Bridge Processor

It’s for another processor launch from Intel. The new Ivy Bridge is a 22nm architecture based on the same LGA1155 socket as Sandy Bridge. It’s basically a shrunken die from Sandy Bridge (32nm) supporting many of the same features, but on the supporting Z77 chipset side (code named “Panther Point”), adds native USB 3.0, PCI Express 3.0, Lucid MVP and …