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Noctua Brings Signature Quality to Smaller Platforms


There is no doubt in anyone's mind that Noctua is among the top manufacturers of CPU air coolers. They are also the makers of one of the best and quietest fan series we have ever had the pleasure of using. The one drawback to Noctua's amazing air cooling solutions is their size being either too big for most or too …

Cooler Master Nepton 120XL and 240M Liquid Cooling Systems


The cooling system of any PC is based of two simple factors: the capacity of how much heat the system can hold and the speed at which it can dissipate it out. It may seem simple, but the "how" can get very complex when the amount of heat a CPU generates is involved. A couple of the best new upgrades …

Thermaltake Water 3.0 Ultimate All-in-One Cooling Solution for Your PC


Chip manufacturers are always quick to brag about power efficiency and lower heat output. We enthusiasts and high-end gamers know those claims only apply to normal use and the mainstream chips. Once the overclocking begins and the premium chips come out, all of that gets thrown out the window. Thermaltake is here to make sure your system keeps running after …

Scythe Wielding a New Weapon in the Tatsumi CPU Cooler


Nothing bad can really be said about an entry-level CPU cooler. They are always better than the stock coolers you get with your CPU. While it is great to get "better than stock," Scythe wants to give you a little better more bang for your buck with the new entry level Tatsumi CPU cooler.

The Scythe Tatsumi CPU cooler features …

AMD to Relaunch the FX-9590 with AIO Cooler


The "king of the mountain" for AMD's FX Series processors is the FX-9590 Vishera based chip. This is mainly due to AMD virtually threw TDP out the window. What does this mean for end users like you and me? It means we get a CPU clocked at a blistering 4.7 GHz (5.0 GHz turbo) factory default. All you have to …

The Cryorig H5 and H7 Coolers Show us the Future of CPU Cooling


Some say, that the best way to survive in a prison environment, is to immediately take down the biggest, baddest guy you can find. The DIY PC market is not exactly prison, but taking a title as best in class is definitely the way to get noticed quickly. The new Cryorig H5 and H7 both seem to have designs on …

COMPUTEX 2014 - Cooler Master Everything From the Sea to the Stars


Cooler Master never disappoints when it comes to Computex and this year is no different. No drastic design changes here, because Cooler Master knows its what's on the inside that counts for the Nepton Series and NovaTouch Hybrid Capacitive Keyboard.

Starting from the sea, we have the Nepton Series of CPU All-in-One CPU Cooler with a full overhaul. Cooler Master …