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Enermax Harnesses the Power of a Twister in New Fan Design


The core piece to any cooling configuration is the fans being used to move air. Even if you are using a liquid cooling loop, fans on the radiator are the final step of getting heat out of your PC. The new TwisterPressure fans from Enermax have some new ideas that might just change the way you look at case fans.…

Aerocool Releases New Touch Friendly Fan Controller


I was reminded due to the recent winter storm that the ability to control the temperature in your area is one of the greatest inventions ever. This is especially true when it comes to machines that are affected by temperature, but often that control comes with lots of additional noise. The new Aerocool CoolTouch-E and CoolTouch-R will help you choose …

be quiet! Pure Wings 2 Fans Not So Quietly Invade Cooling Market


One of the defining differences of a high-end gaming PC is the quality of the cooling system inside. Case fans, CPU coolers, graphics card coolers, liquid cooling, etc. all come together to provide a more efficient and powerful way to keep the heat off your components. be quiet! is one of the top brands in Germany, who is now looking …

Fractal Design’s Adjust 108 Fan Controller Review


There are a number of good reasons to build your own personal computer. The one reason left out of this discussion more than anything is the “control” aspect. Everyone wants to have as much control over how their electronics work as much as possible. Fan controller software is cool, no pun intended, but there is nothing like a physical interface. …

Thermaltake Water 2.0 Extreme 240mm Liquid Cooling System Review

Intel LANFest Infernalan 1

Today ‘s most elite PC systems feature elaborate custom cooling systems to manage CPU, GPU and occasionally even chipset temperatures. While the process has come a long way in the last 10 years, it still takes a bit of home work to choose the right parts and patience in assembling them a system properly. Fortunately, all in one liquid cooling …