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Thermaltake Water 3.0 Ultimate All-in-One Cooling Solution for Your PC


Chip manufacturers are always quick to brag about power efficiency and lower heat output. We enthusiasts and high-end gamers know those claims only apply to normal use and the mainstream chips. Once the overclocking begins and the premium chips come out, all of that gets thrown out the window. Thermaltake is here to make sure your system keeps running after …

LEPA Case Fans Swap Balls for Nano-Particles


There are a number of contributing factors to why your case fans are so loud. It could be the way the air is moving through them is choppy, they are not secured properly, they are vibrating because they are off balance, or because the ball-bearings are touching something. Many companies combat that last issue by put oil between the ball-bearings …

Pre-COMPUTEX 2014 - Noctua Adds Fans, Drops Colours


No, that picture above is not in black and white. Noctua, known throughout the enthusiast community for having some of the quietest fans with divisive looks, have decided to re-release many of their products in different colours. Also coming out of the Austrian company are some new accessories to go with their two new fan lines.

The redux line of …

be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 3 CPU Cooler Review

Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro 3 CPU Cooler 17

In the quest for higher performance and higher overclocks, processors keep heating up our cases, and hardware manufacturers are always looking for new methods to keeping their products cool. And, with motherboard partners helping enthusiasts overclock so easily today, companies like be quiet! have their work seriously cut out for them. Their previous Dark Rock Pro and Pro 2 CPU …