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New $35 Raspberry Pi 2 Gets Free Windows 10 Too


What if I told you that you could have a brand new, quad core PC running a fully licensed version of Windows 10, and it would only cost you $35. Considering that is a fraction of the cost of any single component in a typical PC build, you'd think I was dreaming, but it is indeed a reality with the …

NZXT DOKO Streams Your PC to the Living Room for $99


For some people, you have the PC side of the equation and you have the console side of the equation and never the twain shall meet. People have tried to bridge the gap, but the solutions thus far have left something to be desired. It's just not that cost effective to build a home theater PC that rivals the hardware …

Best Custom PC Builders Include Puget Systems and Falcon Northwest


Futurelooks is a website that is dedicated to the PC enthusiast community, particularly when it comes to PC DIY. That's why when people ask us about how to build the best custom PC, our recommendation is usually to do it yourself. There's a lot to be learned and there is a genuine satisfaction that accompanies building your own custom rig. …

The Plextor M6e 256GB (PX-AG256M6e) PCIe SSD Card Reviewed


When it comes to DIY performance upgrades, the two biggest strides have been made in high performance graphics cards, and the mass market adoption of SSDs. While most high performance GPUs still only need a spare PCIe slot, and adequate power, for it to give you a generational boost in performance, SSDs, however, have changed with the recent unveiling of …